Saturday, June 10, 2017

Happy Weekend!

     Happy Weekend!

        On this lovely sunny warm weekend
       I thought I would pop in and share a
few relaxing photos with you.

         Our lilacs are blooming so there are
lots for bouquets.

Our nook at our Ocean Song Cottage
by the sea is still a work in progress
but I took a few pics to share with you
anyway, I will share the finished nook
and cottage
when it is completed.

                      There are lots of places to relax and enjoy
the view.

     Tea on the deck........... by the sea.

               Grab a book and relax.....I
          saved a chair for you!

                      I hope you have a Happy Weekend!



Louca por porcelana said...

Thanks for sharing such beauty!Best wishes!

Deanna said...

Carolyn, An awesome and relaxing way to spend time would be in that chair by the water. Thanx for saving me a chair. I'd love to pop over and sit a spell. Do you serve iced tea with the chair? Hope so.
d on the prairie

Garden Fancy said...

What a beguiling scene you have set, with that view and the lovely comforts of tea and cozy quilts. Thanks so much for inviting us along on your seaside stay! Best, -Beth

The Victorian Girl said...

Love all the blue & white--so beach cottagey!!

Marilyn Miller said...

That last picture of the chairs by the sea is my all time favorite dream. Oh to sit there and dream, nap, read, and sip tea.

Linda said...

Happy Sunday, my friend!
I can smell the fresh air! GORGEOUS! All of it!
Wishing you a beautiful day,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Frk Hall said...

I would love to sink down in those comfy chairs, relax with a good book, and a nice cup of tea. Here in Denmark it's still cold and rainy
Hope it will be better soon

I wish you a wonderful new week
Blessings Lone

April said...


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Carolyn, your cottage by the sea sounds wonderful! I'm sure you will be spending lots of pleasant hours there with your family. Love the lilacs! Have a beautiful day.


Barbara Ayers said...

Have been loving the posts of your charming sea side cottage (and secretly hoping you plan to put it on Airbnb at some point)! I also hope you will give us a look at the Warren Grove lilacs now that they are in bloom. The pictures of them in the Victoria Magazine article were breathtaking!

Connie said...

Gorgeous photos. You're inspiring me to read Anne of Green Gables again :)

Unknown said...

I love what you have done with your cottage by the sea! It all looks so fresh, can almost smell the sea air! The blue accents are so perfect!
Have you by any chance discovered the fragrance, "Inis" energy of the sea? It comes from Ireland & is named after Inis Island.