Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tea in the Sunroom

   Hello everyone,

Spring is a perfect time to have 
afternoon tea in our little sunroom.

When the temperature is a little
      cool out in the garden the sunroom
is the next best place.
It is still to early to put my annuals
out so they are enjoying the shelter
of our sunroom.

I love birdhouses and am always
on the lookout for a unique one.

I gave the sunroom a touch up
of fresh paint.

                                                                       A pretty bouquet from the garden
                                                                       was my inspiration for my china
                                                                        today......I love the apricot roses
                                                                        on the teapot and teacups.

                                                         Country Rose china by
                                                         Skye McGhie

                                                     It was a cool damp day here today
                                                                so I took a break from gardening
                                                                ...... but I am happy to say there are
                                                                warm sunny days on the way starting
                                                                tomorrow so I can don my gardening
                                                                clothes once again.
                                                                                 Thank you for visiting!



Louca por porcelana said...

Breathtaking!!!So gorgeous!

Deb said...

So, so pretty.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Gorgeous, Carolyn!

Lone Hall said...

So beautiful pictures. I really love the unique birdhouse and the wonderful China with the apricot roses. Thank you for your lovely blog


Tania López said...
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Tania López said...

Hello. Wonderful photos and nice blog.
Greetings from Galicia

Carolyn Knefely said...

Serenity in a cozy corner. Thanks for sharing this beautiful setting with us.
Snap on!
Your photos are uplifting blessings.

Susan said...

That is a most cherished teapot, Carolyn. What a dreamy place to have tea! Susan

Pamela Gordon said...

I love this pretty sunroom and the soft colour palette with the pops of colourful flowers. It was supposed to be sunny here today but clouds and showers have moved in this afternoon. The next fews days look promising. Enjoy!

Deanna Rabe said...

Such a beautiful space! Perfect for tea!

Lisa said...

Such a beautiful arrangement, Carolyn! Really enjoyed it!
Best wishes,

Diane L. Rusten said...

Beautiful blog. I wish I could find that China with the peach roses.