Monday, April 24, 2017

Hammock Days

Hello everyone,

While spring has arrived here and the
garden is coming to life, a little more
each day I am not lazing around in
a hammock just yet! However, I 
am looking forward to some hammock
days in the garden soon.
I love the Jackmani superbra 
clematis above and below.

A vintage quilt for comfort on the
hammock by our pond with the
Boathouse in the distance.

A great spot to enjoy the view of the garden
but also enjoy the sound of our
babbling brook in the woods behind.

Iced tea, anyone?

Or maybe lemonade? This was taken in
our Chelsea Garden.

It is so peaceful here by
the pond in early autumn.

Even in winter a hammock with
a warm blanket is enjoyable with
a cup of hot cocoa.

                                                But, I must admit summer is my
                                                          favorite time to enjoy hammock
                                                          time with a good book.

                                                           We have all our garden beds raked off
                                                           so time now to pull some weeds and prune
                                                           all my annebelle hydrangeas,clematis etc.
                                                           Soon I will divide and move a few plants
                                                           around the garden before they get too big.
                                                            I love this time of year with so much promise
                                                             for great things to come....don't you?

                                                            In a few weeks our Japanese tours will be
                                                            starting again so there is lots to get done.

                                                                For those who asked we will have a couple of
                                                               Open Garden days for anyone local who would
                                                              like to check out our gardens in the summer.

                                                                                          Thank you for visiting!



Garden Fancy said...

What beautiful scenes of your hammock in all seasons! Your gardens look perfectly idyllic for hammock lazing -- not that you probably have much chance to laze about without noticing something else that you want to do in your gardens, if you're anything like me.... Your clematis is particularly magnificent. Many wishes for a warm spring, and thanks for sharing such lovely vignettes! Best, -Beth

Deanna said...

Hello from the Flint Hills. Thank you for the iced tea! Lovely hammock. Lovely place. I could stay awhile.
All the best and God bless,

Daniela said...

Good Morning sweet Carolyn
and happy day to you !

Thanks most sincerely for sharing always such beauty, love and charm with us !

Wishing you the best of weeks,
I'm sending blessings of joy on your days to come,
with heartfelt gratitude

XOXO Daniela at - My little old world - (Dany)

Dorota said...

Carolyn, your garden is beautiful. I love clematis, too. This year the spring in Poland is exceptionally cool:)

Unknown said...

Carolyn, I so enjoyed the article and gorgeous photos of your gardens in the recent issue of Victoria Magazine! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and cozy hammocks with us!!!

Barbara Ayers said...

Gorgeous pictures as always! I have a clematis question... did you give the clematis any extra support to help them climb up the fence posts? I've just planted a few under some 4x4 wooden posts that hold some butterfly houses, and wondered if I should add some string or wire for the vines. Your garden continues to inspire me, and I can't wait to watch the season unfold. Best from Southern California, Barbara

Thelma said...

Congratulations on your feature in the Victoria Magazine. Such an honour. Your hammock is gorgeous in all the settings. Happy gardening.!

Carolyn said...

Hi Barbara,
Thank you for your kind words. The clematis on the post is tied up with twine, every couple of weeks adding a new string as it grows. On our lattice arbors it will grow and twine on it's own once it gets started.

Thank you everyone for your visits and nice comments.

sarah said...

Such sumptuous peaceful beauty. Whenever my heart needs restoration I come here and visit your gardens in my imagination. Thank you sincerely for your lace and roses, your tea and gentleness. I wish there was more of such things in the world.

Barbara Ayers said...

Thanks, Carolyn, I will try the twine, and hope that mine will grow to be as stunning as yours!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Really love the hammock and great places to use them!

Your gardens are so lovely!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Don't even tease with those awesome hammock "moments,: Carolyn! We know all too well that you never stop gardening to rest. That's so WE don't feel so doggone lazy.

Hope you're smiling.

Gorgeous pics - I have always wanted to own a hammock and a large and deep shaded screened porch with a ceiling fan to slumber away my days dreaming about a cute young gardner who would do all the work for me whilst I watch. Or maybe nap. Or both. : - )

Hey, let a gal dream, right?

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Hello Carolyn,

You are surrounded by natures finest landscapes. There is so much beauty and serenity in your photos. I can dream myself there, taking in the sweet scent of the flowers and taking a much needed nap.

Thank you for letting me dream away.