Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Beautiful Winter Beach Day

                                                                         Happy Weekend!

                                                     We are having some very spring like days
                                                     here lately so my husband and I decided
                                                     to take an afternoon off and go to the beach.

             Now, you might think you can't enjoy the beach
         when there is still snow on the ground but we
totally enjoyed ourselves.
            You could really feel the heat from the sun and
even hear the melting snow.

                                                               So can see it was very
                                                               calm as there is a perfect reflection on
                                                               the water.

                                                                          Melting snow & ice.

        This is a south shore beach on
Prince Edward Island.

                                                                  A cup of tea made it a perfect
                                                                  place to relax and drink in the view
                                                                  as well as the tea.

                                           Some of you might remember seeing an
                                                      autumn shot or two of this beautiful view
                                                      a few months ago ~ click here to see that post.

                                                              We enjoyed our winter beach day so much
                                                               we went back again the next day as it was
                                                               another calm and sunny mild day.

                                                                              Enjoy your weekend!



Pamela Gordon said...

Wow. These are gorgeous photos Carolyn. I love the calm reflections. We've had some lovely days this past week with a promise of spring.

Dorota said...

Beautiful photos.

The Charm of Home said...

So beautiful Carolyn. I got my new Victoria today and have a feature in the next issue! I can't wait to see it. Congratulations! Your beautiful garden will be gorgeous for spring.

Sandi said...

Bliss! Love the snowy beach.

Linda said...

Beautifully Refreshing!
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Madelief said...

Dear Carolyn,

Even with the ice and the snow your island looks enchanting! What a delight it must have been to sit together at the waterside and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

Have a lovely week!

Madelief x

HWIT BLOGG said...

Beautiful, so beautiful...
Love from Titti