Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Transferware Tea in the Sunroom

Hello everyone,

 I hope you are having a great
week. I have been  working at
          my sewing machine the last couple
                 of days. I have discovered that slipcovers
              are not easy to make but I persevere!

At the thrift shop I found a few
brown and white transferware
pieces that match some of what
I already had and love.

I had the teapot for awhile so I was
happy to find the cream and sugar
bowl that matched it.

So on a nice sunny January day
it is lovely to take a tea break
in the upstair  sunroom.

My teacups co ordinate nicely
with the teapot.

                                                                        Old fashioned sugar cookies
                                                                        are a favorite here.

                      Sunshine streaming in is so cheerful.

Tea time.

                                             I hope you are enjoying some warm
                                                        and cozy tea times at your house too!

                                                                  Thank you for visiting me!




Oh my word, what a serene and beautiful place your porch is ! Perfect to hang out in the dead of Winter and look out the glass how it snows, while sipping tea in the gorgeous brown and white transferware tea pot and you were so lucky to find the sugar and creamer to match; now it's a complete teaset to die over !

Charlotte Neve Grün/ Hos Villa Fryd said...

Lovely photos Carolyn.
Bright and white. I love it.

Nice day


Daniel said...
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Linda said...

Keep cozy! Wishing you a wonderful day,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Terry L. said...

What a wonderful way to chase the winter blues away! I love pretty tea sets and to find the cream and sugar is devine!

Susan said...

Love the sunshine on the transfer ware! Since I'm not eating them these days, the cookies look especially yummy, too. Hope your day today is blessed, Carolyn. Susan

Cynthia said...

Carolyn, I love your brown transfer ware! So pretty and cheery with the sun coming in. Here in Northern Ohio, it's been gray every day this week, and I long to see some sunshine.

Barbara Ayers said...

Slipcovers can definitely be challenging! I was making some on a very hot day in summer, and had to do some math to figure out the pleated skirt. Between the heat and all of that fabric in my lap I had a total meltdown and had to wait a few days before I could complete the job. At least you can take a break in that charmingly lovely sunroom! Thanks for your pretty post. Barbara

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin from The Dedicated House said...

Carolyn, your brown transferware is gorgeous especially in your sunny sunroom! I have never attempted to make slipcovers before, but I have heard to get the perfect fit, they can be quite challenging. Best of luck! Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh my, your teatime has me sighing all over the place! You've created a magical place for tea with your beautiful things, Carolyn. And God provided the lovely sunshine - how wonderful!

Hope your new year is treating you well so far. Have a wonderful weekend! : - )

Janet Sanford said...

Beautiful as always Carolyn ..Love the handle on the teapot ..your room looks glorious but you don't seem too have much snow this year....Here in Alabama it is nice and warm in the 70's ...unusual at this time of year we have had no winter apart for about 7 days ..I have every confidence that you will complete your slip covers ..I covered a complete sectional sofa 4 years ago with brand new on the roll upholstery fabric from the Thrift store for $1.99 and it still looks great today ..that was my first time I learnt as I went along ..happy days to you ..Janet

Nola Sarina said...

Hi Carolyn - can you tell me what brand this teapot is? I came upon one just like it recently. Thanks!