Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Visit to St. Andrew's by the Sea

                                                                          Hello everyone,

                                                 I mentioned in my Kingsbrae Garden post that I
                                                 love visiting St. Andrew's by the Sea so I want
                                                 to share some of my photos from our summer
                                                 visit there.
                                                    I was quite taken with The Pansy Patch above
                                                  it used to be a B&B not sure if it still is.

                                                             The well known Alqonquin Resort
                                                              where we stayed.

                                                               There are lots of quaint shops
                                                               to visit in this charming little
                                                               town by the sea.

                                                                      I love all the weathered grey cottages.

                                                                      Pretty churches
                                                              Interesting gardens
                                                                 We enjoy strolling down the streets....
                                                                  checking out the sights.

                                                                          The waterfront is beautiful.

                                             I love watching the sun setting over
                                                        the water. It looks so peaceful.

                                                        We also had a visit to Minister's Island while
                                                       there and enjoyed a beautiful sunny afternoon
                                                       there as well. Of course, I had my camera so
                                                       another day I will share some photos from there.

                                                        Tomorrow we welcome February already!

                                                                          Thanks for visiting!



Fair Meadow Place said...


It is so nice seeing St Andrews by the Sea again. I visited there over 40 years ago and loved it. It is good to see that it still maintains its charm. Thank you for sharing.

Fair Meadow Place

Bernideen said...

Thank you for the lovely adventure! Beautiful photos and so loved the window boxes, etc on the grey!

Annabelle said...

Saint Andrew's by the Sea is one of the special places I would love to call home. Looking forward to our summer holidays on the East Coast!

Gorgeous pictures and thanks for sharing your lovely post, Carolyn.

Cynthia said...

What a beautiful place! I love the house/B&B in the first photos. And the sunsets. . .I would love to visit there!

bryandelizabeth said...

I'd love to follow your awesome blog. Not sure how~~😘❤

Andrea Campbell said...

Beautiful! I want to go!

Carolyn said...

Hi Bry and Elizabeth,
You can follow my blog by putting your email address in the box on the right side of my blog that says follow by email. Thanks for your visit.


Francy said...

Un luogo incantevole!!

Cindy Lou said...

Simply the most charming place I've seen! Your whole area from Anne of Green Gables to your beautiful garden and home and small towns! What a fantasy world! You are very blessed indeed !!!