Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas in Old Quebec City

                                                                        Hello everyone,

                                                   We went to Old Quebec last week for a holiday and
                                                   I don't know of a prettier place to be if you love
                                                   beautiful architecture, quaint shops, good food,
                                                   a wide variety of inns etc. and Christmas.    

                                                                    Every where you look there is something
                                                                    beautiful to see.

                                                        I love how all the shops decorate differently.

                                                                   Love the snowshoes used here.

                                                                        Petite Champlain is one of the most
                                                                        popular streets ~ beautifully decorated
                                                                        and lined with interesting shops.
     I loved to walk around in the evenings
or early morning when it was quiet
and all the lights were so beautiful.


Weekends are the busiest.

Chateau Frontenac in the

                                                          We had a mix of weather while we were there,
                                                           I was happy to have some snow.

                                                         I love how they decorate here in
                                                          every season.

                                             I think you will agree that it is a very
                                                        beautiful city all decked out for the
                                                        Christmas season. I have loads more
                                                        photos so I will share a few more of
                                                        my favorites later.

                                                           There is a Christmas House Tour in
                                                            the Charlottetown area on Sat. Dec. 17th
                                                            1-4 pm for a good cause (Fitzroy Centre).
                                                             Tickets are $10. and for more info or to
                                                              buy tickets call 902 566 5111
                                                                I have been to two of these unique homes
                                                              and I am sure you would enjoy both of them.
                                                              I don't know the other homes but I will
                                                              enjoy checking them out for sure. I love
                                                              Christmas house tours and supporting a
                                                              good cause makes it even better!

                                                                        I hope you have a wonderful
                                                                                  Take care,



Bernideen said...

Dear Carolyn:
Yes, very, very lovely. It reminds me sone what of Vail, Colorado which you would love. Lovely photos!

Jane said...

It's all so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Marilyn Miller said...

So beautiful!

Sarah said...

Beautiful, Carolyn. Thank you for sharing.

Vee said...

Oh I hope so! Old World Christmas charm right in Canada! Beautiful...

Unknown said...

et's all so beautifu... and a very nice blog you have and a beautiful garden. thank you for sharing.

Linda said...

Lovely, Carolyn! It was a wonderful holiday & great to spend time with you & Andrew in one of the prettiest cities, especially at Christmastime. I can't wait to return. How about you?! Lol Looking forward to seeing more of your photos. XOXO
Wishing you a beautiful day,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Sandra said...

What a beautiful place!!
Here in the north of Spain there is no snow. The weather now is warm and sunny.
Thanks for your pictures.
Love from Spain.

Natureluvr57 said...

So lovely....wish I could visit. Thanks for sharing with us. I love the big bay windows, stone buildings and decorations. One thing that caught my eye was the ladders on two of the roof tops. Do they just leave them there all the time or are they in the process of repairing something? Interesting.

Cindy Lou said...

Spectacular! I want to visit so much!! Maybe next year! Beautiful!!

lorenza marengo said...

So beautiful!!!