Thursday, November 17, 2016

Christmas is Coming.......

       Hello everyone,

    It has been awhile since I posted as
     I was working on some projects that
      kept me busy but I am starting to feel
more caught up.
               I have started to do some winter/Christmas
                   decorating but the weather is staying unusually
                     warm so it seems hard to believe that Christmas
    is less than 6 weeks away.

We haven't gone to the attic yet for
our decorations but bits of natural
Christmas are popping up.

Some silver baubles add glitter.

       A winter white tea
Some rosehips from the garden

  Maple tea

         Candles are glowing.

                                   The fireplace brings a  warm cozy glow.

                                                   I see some of you have all your
                                                             Christmas decorating done......
                                                             what about you have you finished
                                                             or not started yet?

                                                               I did some decorating on our front
                                                              porch today and I like how it looks
                                                              but dare I say it would look prettier
                                                              if we had a nice dusting of snow!

                                                                       Thank you for visiting,



Janet Sanford said...

So great to see your blog ..I have missed you make everything look so wonderful just using simple things like some silver baubles ...very special has also been crazy warm down here in Alabama this Fall was 80ºf today ...sunny and glorious ...even the Raccoons have had a second litter of babies ..two cute, cute babies are eating dried cat food on my front porch as I write this ...they are small but very plump with some quality food from our home they should make it through the Winter ...Can't wait to see your Christmas decorations ...have a blessed weekend ..Janet of Maisonvogue

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Love your "natural" Christmas decorating and of course, you've captured the beauty of it perfectly with your wonderful photos. I've started my decorating and hope to get most of it finished this weekend. Like you, it's been warm here - we've only had a ton of rain and no snow so it doesn't seem like Christmas yet...there's some in the forecast though so I'm hoping!

ingrid said...

Missed your posts!Love from a rainy Netherlands!

ingrid said...

Missed your posts!Love from a rainy Netherlands! said...

We started today, christmas light and a little bit in the greenhouse.
It is a lovely time.


Maria - Denmark


Love your C'mas woodland type décor, it's gorgeous ! I just finishes decking the halls cause my daughter, baby Maxima and hubby will come for C'mas actually


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Just beautiful! I like the decorating to be simple and lovely like this, and just let it evolve. I start in December. I hope you get your snow soon!

Marilyn Miller said...

Beautiful! Love the white with the rose hips and silver balls.

Valorie Westberg said...

Even on a day when a lovely cup of tea is a mere wish, your blog and beautiful pictures gives me a welcome pause. Thank you!