Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pretty Pinks

                                                                                 Hello everyone,

                                                               I hope your week is going well.

                                                               We got some much needed rain here
                                                               today. The sun returns tomorrow
                                                               though, in time for my Japanese visitors.

                                                                     A few days ago I picked some roses
                                                             from the garden and enjoyed taking a few pics
                                                             to share with you.

                                                                           You probably know that I
                                                                           love vintage tea cups.

                                                                            Soft and pretty.

               Afternoon tea tray.

                                                        Well, that's it for today but I
                                                                   have lots more to share soon.
                                                                              Thanks for visiting,



janice15 said...

Your photos are specially lovely.. Can you tell what your recipe book is, the name by.. It looks lovely as well. Happy rest of the week and have a wonderful time with your Japanese friends.. With love Janice

lorenza marengo said...

Your roses are lovely!

Leanne said...

Beautiful flowers and tea cups, Pink is my favourite colour.

Linda said...

Lovely and serene, Carolyn!
The Tea and (Cake(s)?) book looks interesting to me.
Happy day to you and Andrew,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

lala said...

I always look forward to opening your emails because I know there will always be beautiful photos to brighten my day!

nancy n. said...

The past year and a half have been very stressful for me. When I receive your e-mails they brighten my day. Your pictures are so beautiful and so serene that they heal my heart. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and your blog.

filcowy kufer Hogaty said...

Beautiful flowers and tea cups,

NP said...

univers superbe et très jolies photos
Mlle Rose Boudoir