Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Garden Tour

                                                                                          Hello everyone,
                                                                       I hope your week is going well. We
                                                                       treated ourselves to a little holiday
                                                                       and went to St. Andrew's by the Sea
                                                                       in New Brunswick. I will share a few
                                                                       photos of St. Andrews later.
                                                                               I was looking forward to getting
                                                                       back into our own garden as even a
                                                                      couple pf days brings changes.

Our Japanese Ivory Silk Lilac is
            blooming and it has a lovely fragrance.
                Prairie Princess rose is blooming now too.

                                                                  The new pergola will soon age
                                                                  into the garden.
                                                                       The south beds.
                                                               Mock Oranges (right) are blooming
                                                                with a lovely fragrance also.
                                                               Purple Monkshood is starting to bloom.

                                                               The Delphiniums are looking good with
                                                                the last of the peonies and the nepeta.

                                                                  A border in our Chelsea Garden.

                                                                         White Bellflower with delphiniums.

                                                                      The corner in Chelsea Garden.

         I love this Eden Rose.

                                                                        The rose on the left is Polaris.
                                                                        It starts out pink but fades to white.

                  The arbor coming to the door of
our home..

                                                                When we got home there was lots
                                                                of deadheading to do as the peonies
                                                               are fading away for another year.
                                                               I enjoy doing this job as it makes
                                                               such an improvement in the appearance
                                                               of our garden.

         Well, I had fun photographing the garden
          and I hope you enjoyed a quick tour of it
in it's mid July glory!

Thank you for visiting,



Susan Löckle said...

Wow! Ein Blütenhimmel, oder in English: a sky full of Flowers !!
Himmlisch schön- a Dream!!!!
Alles Liebe von Susan aus Deutschland

domenica.60 said...

How I would love to visit your beautiful garden but is a bit too far from my country !

Peninia said...

Beautiful garden :)

Sandi said...

What a lovely place you have created! I enjoy you posting the names of each plant! I'd like to try some of the ones when you mention their fragrance! Thank you!

Larry said...

Truly inspiring!

A Garden of Threads said...


Sweet P said...

Too beautiful for words! Enjoy the flowers of your labor!