Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Garden Tour

                                                                             Sunday Blessings,

                                                               I hope you are enjoying a lovely
                                                               Sunday afternoon. It is a beautiful
                                                               sunny summer day here and the
                                                               garden is changing from morning
                                                               to evening as so many perennials
                                                               are starting to bloom including
                                                               our peonies which now add up to
                                                               over 130 spread around the garden.

                                                                         Lupins , peonies and iris.

                                                                   Roses and deutizas and
                                                                   Dame's Rocket.
                                                                           Lupins in the garden.

Nymph peonies with Ladies Mantle etc. 

                                                                           Snow in Summer around the fountain.

                                                                                   I love this dark showy iris
                                                                                   but I don't remember the name.

       Pretty  garden vignette

        The Gardener's Cottage

                                                  Just a quick peek at some garden vignettes
                                                             but this evening I plan to take a few more
                                                             shots around the garden.
                                                             However, now the bed on the porch is
                                                             calling my name and the fragrance of
                                                             the Miss Kim lilac and the honeysuckle
                                                             by the porch is simply amazing!

                                                                                    Thanks for your visit!



Sandi said...

These photos are so serene. It is like looking into another world.

What is that first statue? It looks like a woman carrying a water jug?

Ein Dekoherzal in den Bergen said...

sehr schön

wünsche noch einen schönen ABEND
bis bald die BIRGIT

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

So beautiful! I wish my new plants in my newly expanded garden would hurry up and fill in like yours! Simply divine! The white blooms around the fountain look beautiful! Thanks for sharing your gardens with us and have a great week!

Marilyn Miller said...


Sonia said...

Oh so beautiful Carolyn! I love all those purple iris!

Bernideen said...

Dear Carolyn:
It is like an explosion of beauty every direction!

Cindy said...

Just beautiful! I was wondering - do have a vegetable garden? And if so, could you show that as well? Thanks, Cindy

Madelief said...

Your garden looks like a dream Carolyn. So much colour. What a delight it must be to be walking through it and taking it all in. Wishing you a good time with your garden tours!

Happy week!


Susan said...

I love all the gorgeous bloom, Carolyn. The fragrances must be divine. Love seeing your gardens and all your decorating touches. Susan

Jonell w Harrison said...

Carolyn as always...the scenes just whisk me away to where you are all the while wondering is it possible? Could I? Are there bits of this I can create in my own 'house and gardens'..
If only I had someone to travel with me I would plan a trip and come see it all for myself and you.

I don't need travel assistance but managing all the decisions and connections in order to take in the wonderful area near you it seems would be too challenging.
Remind me again please the very best weeks for touring your garden?