Friday, June 17, 2016

Inside the Boathouse

       Hello everyone,

            Hope your week is going well.
        In my previous post I shared
               a picnic on the Boathouse porch.
                But, shortly after it clouded over
                so I moved my little picnic inside.

                                                                   This little nook is one of
                                                                   my favorite spots to curl up
                                                                   and relax.
                  Cupcakes for tea.

                                                                          A pretty bouquet of lilacs
                                                                          in a vintage vase.

                                                                            My daughters gave me  the soft throw
                                                                            and a couple of the big pillows.
                                                                              The Relax you 're on Island Time
                                                                            pillow was from a small local shop
                                                                            that has since closed down.....I
                                                                            have had a few inquiries about it.
                                                                               The sailboats came from Wicker Emporium
                                                                             a few years ago.
                                                                        So, peaceful! Today for the first
                                                                        time we had a mama duck and at
                                                                        least a dozen tiny ducklings up
                                                                        near our house when we came home.
                                                                        Alas, in spite of running into the house
                                                                        at breakneck speed for my camera they
                                                                        has hustled down to the woods before I
                                                                        get a photo of them. There is a brook
                                                                        in the woods where they must have been
                                                                        going. Hopefully, I will get another chance
                                                                        as they where so cute!
                                                                             This nook is the perfect spot to watch
                                                                        the ducks and geese on the pond.

                Back to our picnic.

                                               I hope you enjoyed a casual picnic in
                                                          our Boathouse.

                                                           Thank you for joining me today and
                                                           I hope you have a great weekend!



Maxine said...

Good morning Carolynn from Manitoba.
Your posts are always a wonderful start to the day.
I have been using your biscuit and scone recipe for some time now,
but some how I've lost ithem.Would you mind sharing them again please.
They are the best I've found.
Have a wonderful day , and thank you for sharing your beautiful home
and garden. It's like being back in the UK.
Take care,

Carolyn said...

Hi Maxine,
Thank you so much for your kind words....I love UK gardens so that is quite a compliment!

The oatmeal scone recipe can be found here ~

My buttermilk biscuit recipe is here~

If these aren't the right recipes please let me know.

Thanks again,
Carolyn said...

Waw - beautiful. Always stunning.

From Denmark

Linda said...

Goood Morning, Carolyn!
LOVE that pretty vintage vase. Such a serene scene....
I bet the duckies were so sweet! XO
Wishing you a beautiful day,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Ginny said...

I love your boathouse! Every woman should have one! Carolyn, where did you get the little milk bottles with the lids? They would be perfect for me when the grands come over. Thanks, ginny

Joan said...

I love this a lot !!!( I have here the same colours upstairs)

Joan said...

I love this a lot! I juse the same colours upstairs...

Jo`s Garten said...

Oh Carolyn,
your boathouse is beautyful, wish I could spent an hour or more inside.
Enjoy our day

Beatrice said...

Witaj :) Jak zwykle jestem pod ogromnym urokiem Twojej aranżacji. Piękne rzeczy i zdjęcia. Cieszą oko .
Pozdrawiam serdecznie :)

Rosemary and Thyme said...

So serene and calming. A gorgeous place to enjoy a few moments of solitude.



Pamela Gordon said...

I so love this boathouse and how you decorate it. The soft aquas and blues and white are perfect. I also love the pillows and throw. Summer is finally here and hopefully we'll enjoy some very lovely warm sunny days over the next couple months. Happy Summer days to you Carolyn.

Maxine said...

Thank you Carolyn , just had a biscuit fresh from the oven.