Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring Garden

               Hello everyone,

     After a few coo; wet days we had a
beautiful warm sunny day today so
I took a few shots in the garden to
share with you.

We have hundreds of daffodils
blooming in the garden now
in many different varieties.

                                                                     The star magnolia is in
                                                                      full bloom as well.
                                                                         Hyacinths are also blooming
                                                                         and adding their sweet fragrance.

                                                                          The tulips are just starting.

                                                                              Foxtail lilies are
                                                                              also in bloom.

                                                                              Pretty pink hyacinths with
                                                                               lutea in the background.

Snakehead  fritillaria

                      The Hillside Garden is a mass
of  spring color.

                                                                                       Double daffodils


           A softer shade

          A spring collage;;

                              We are expecting some some nice weather
                         so the garden will change quickly from
           now on.

                             Hope you enjoy the test of your week!



Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Such pleasure your garden brings! Love that collage with the tree in bloom in the center. Wish I lived next door!

Bernideen said...

It is "happening" at the Aiken Gardens! And it is wonderful!

lorenza marengo said...

Your garden is amazing!In my garden blossom the roses!

Linda said...

Lovely! Thanks, Carolyn.
Wishing you a beautiful day,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

bea de caracas said...

Spring is so beautifull in your garden dear Carolyn...
In mine, wisterias begin to bloom and is fabulous but the weather is again cold, too cold! That's Belgium!

Lots of love...

ScrapbookingButterfly said...

Dear Carolyn,
How lovely to see the spring flowers put on such a glorious show...isn't nature grand? Just a comment about the Frittalaria...we commonly call it the 'Checkered Lily' which seems to be a prettier and more descriptive name for the lovely flower. Alas as a 'lily' it is a food source for the dreaded red lily beetle that has invaded our province in the last number of years. I must be vigilant and check the plants daily for any signs of the beetle, larvae or eggs. Your garden is delightful in every way and a source of inspiration...thanks for posting!
Cheers, Alayne in Winnipeg

CleanLivingGal said...

Your garden is wonderful as always, and I especially love the bird bath with the children on the bottom.

Aga Zosia said...

Ooo I really want to go to her charming and beautiful garden ...this garden is the best in the world ...:)

Cindy Lou said...

Spring has finally sprung for you!! You have one of the most beautiful gardens ever! Enjoy!!

My Heaven Page said...

Your spring garden is lovely! It is very warm already here in Northern California my pink hydrangeas are in full bloom. The roses have bloomed already and ready to prune. I always forget your spring is a little later than ours here. Your garden is the most beautiful garden and I love all your tea garden pictures too! Hope your doing well Carolyn! God Bless! :) Deanae

Julie said...

What kind of foxtail is that? I've never seen one like that and I'd love some in my garden.