Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pretty Pastels

        Hello everyone,

              Hope you are having a great week.
           I am spending most of my days in
                   the garden pruning,edging and planting
              some new plants from division and
                        adding some new ones to give the garden
                        a bit of new color....oh! and did I forget to
        mention weeding.

          Good thing I love gardening!

                  Anyway, once again some reruns for
you today.

                       A casual but comfy corner
          in the guest room.

                                                               This blue and white toile wallpaper
                                                                has been on for several years and I know
                                                               wallpaper has been in and out of fashion
                                                               a couple of times since but I still like it so
                                                               it is staying for awhile yet.

                                                                          Soft aqua.

                                                                           The Boathouse nook.

                                   Aqua china ~ so soft and pretty!

                  This Maritime Rose china
      is so pretty.
                       The pretty hat was a gift from
   a friend.

                                                                             Delicate peachy pinks.

                                                                 Antique china and pretty
                                                                            garden bouquets.

                                                                           I am happy you stopped by for
                                                                           a visit today.

                                                                                              Take care,



Bernideen said...

Ever so lovely!

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Such pretty scenes! That aqua in the boathouse nook is my fave and looks so soothing and inviting. I can imagine how much work you are doing in your gardens right now! I've planted what I imagine is "nothing" compared to you and I'm worn out! I know your "work" will all pay off soon in the flowering of your gorgeous gardens and your guests will reap the benefits! Have a good weekend!

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

It's always a treat to see your posts. I can well imagine the labor going into your gardens and yard. It's always a blessing to see the plants come alive but there is always some work hidden behind the scenes to keep it looking marvelous like yours!

Garden Fancy said...

A study in loveliness, as always. :-) I hope you don't work too hard in your gardens, and that you take plenty of opportunities to enjoy them yourself, as we get to enjoy them via your beautiful blog photos. Best Wishes, -Beth

Anonymous said...
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an angel at my table said...

Always fantastic reruns on your blogg!!! All the best Mari

Victorian1885 said...

Your lovely posts never disappoint Carolyn... enjoy your weekend!

Sonia said...

So calming and beautiful!

Sandra said...

Such beautiful soft colors in your decorating!

Deanna said...

Carolyn, You always have the prettiest pictures!!! Always a treat to stop by and take a peek. Lovely place,