Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Cleaning in the Boathouse

                                                                             Hello everyone,

                                                              It has been lovely here the last couple
                                                             of days so there is a lot of spring cleaning
                                                             going on here.......mostly in the garden now
                                                              but I have started to spring clean the Boathouse
                                                              as well.

                                                                        It will have much the same look
                                                                        as last year with a few small changes.
                                                                     I love the soft aqua look in
                                                                     this little nook. I love to watch
                                                                     the pair of geese and pair of ducks
                                                                     swimming around the pond from here.
                                                                       While I was cleaning the downstairs
                                                                       my granddaughter Jessica(10 yrs. old)
                                                                       was busy in the loft of the Boathouse
                                                                       tidying up her favorite spot.
           Jessica and Sasha

                                                                           Now, after all that cleaning
                                                                           it is tea time.
                                                              The garden is changing almost
                                                                         daily now and it is so nice to see
                                                                         little pops of color as we clean up
                                                                         the beds.
                                                                              When, I get tired of raking I am
                                                                          going to finish my spring cleaning
                                                                          in the Boathouse ~ a change is as
                                                                          good as a rest!

                                                                                         Have a great weekend!



Victorian1885 said...

Carolyn the boathouse looks beautiful! Enjoy your spring weather and the time spent with your sweet grand daughter. said...
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Deanna said...

Carolyn, I so love how you decorate. Sweet pic of your lil girl with puppy! Our children and grands sure add a great deal of joy and meaning to our lives. Also puppies. Blessing,


I'm a pink girl but I definitely loved your blue...
Xoxo from PARIS

Pamela Gordon said...

I love the soft aquas in your boathouse, Carolyn. It looks lovely. Isn't it great to get outside and do some garden clean up? You will be busy with all your gardens and plants. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carolyn, I just found you blog and fall in love with it :)
Everything is so beautiful!
Can I find you in Facebook?
Greetings from Germany

Carolyn said...

Hi Ava,
I am happy you found my blog!
Sorry,I don't have an open Facebook
right now...maybe soon.
Take care,