Sunday, March 13, 2016

Visions of Spring

          Sunday Blessings,

Well, with spring just around the corner,
I have some visions of spring dancing
in my head!

This is our Hillside Garden
in spring.

             Early spring in Martha's Garden.
                    Martha preside in here all year long.

A spring tea with a colorful
handmade quilt.

              A cheerful garden vignette.

                                                                               Another spring tea.
                          I love hyacinths they add so
                             much fragrange to the garden.

The Hillside Garden has so much
color in spring time.

"And then my heart with pleasure fills,
and dances with the daffodils"
~ William Wordsworth~

                                                            In spring I love lots of color.

                                                       Let's end with a cup of spring
                                                                  time tea, shall we?

                                                                 I am going to curl up with a few garden
                                                                 books and magazines for awhile before
                                                                 going to visit our daughter.

                                                                              Hope you have a good week!



Victorian1885 said...

Happy Spring Carolyn! Your garden blooms are always so beautiful and bright! Have a great visit with your Daughter...

Ein Dekoherzal in den Bergen said...


wünsche noch einen schönen ABEND
bis bald die BIRGIT

Bernideen said...

Oh what beautiful photos and such an inspiration!

Garden Fancy said...

Your springtime garden is so lovely! I wish you many beautiful days of enjoying these blooming spring bulbs when they return soon. -Beth

Sandi said...


Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh Carolyn, how beautiful is your Spring Garden! Daffodils are my favorites so you have to know that your first couple of photos totally took my breath away! As did the photo, well never mind, they all did!! Just beautiful! You have inspired me to plant more and more out in my garden! :)

Linda said...

Happy Spring to you and Andrew, Carolyn!
After a long hiatus, winter is baaackkk here today! We had 10 cm of snow overnight! Ugghhhh
Wishing you a wonderful bloom-filled week XOXO
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

janice15 said...

A Happy almost Spring... Such lovely photos I enjoyed them much. Thank you with love Janice