Sunday, March 20, 2016

Peaceful Sunday Afternoon Tea

            Hello everyone,

         On this beautiful sunny last day of
      winter, I thought this cozy corner
                    in our bedroom would be perfect for my 
                          afternoon tea. The sun is streaming in and my
    plants are giving me a boost of
spring color.
Our bedroom 

Chamomile tea will add to my
peaceful atmosphere.

A small teapot ' Grace' is
perfect for one.

Wishing you a peaceful Palm Sunday

Take care,


Sandi said... restful!

Garden Fancy said...

Another lovely scene -- thanks so much for sharing it with us. Happy Spring! -Beth

janice15 said...

Your bed is fabulously lovely.. I own that same tea pot.. Found at a tea shoppe later purchased the cups o. Line to match.. Lovely post. Happy Spring, with love Janice

Cindy Lou said...

Simply pretty!

an angel at my table said...

Thanks for a sneak peack into your lovely world!!!!