Thursday, February 4, 2016

Clematis in the Garden

           Hello everyone,

                  We have had some mild days lately that
               have me thinking of our garden again.
                      Clematis is my favorite vine in our garden
                  so I thought I would share some photos
of our garden clematis.
                    The clematis above is jackmani and it 
                        softens the fence as well as adding height
                       to the garden. Roses and daylillies are a
pretty combo with it.

                                                                Ville de Lyon clematis growing
                                                                over an old birdhouse.
                                                                 Jackimani Superbra growing up a post.
                                                                Clematis growing up either side
                                                                of the arbor add color and interest.
                                                                 Jackmani superbra grows in
                                                                 several places in our garden
                                                                 as it blooms prolifically.
                                                                    I think this one is multi blue.
                                                               This one still blooms late in summer,
                                                               It is called General Sikoroski.

`                                                                Clematis and roses are a
                                                                 favorite combo.

                                                              The clematis Rosemoor in the background~
                                                              sadly one cold winter recently was the death
                                                              of this one and I haven't been able to find another.
                                                                     Nelly Noser ~ pink with rose stripes.

                                                                Clematis Josephine is a double for
                                                                most of the season but later on it has
                                                                single blooms.
                                        There are hundreds of different varieties of
                                                  clematis and most of them are easy to grow.
                                                  They like full to part sun and rich well drained soil,
                                                   neutral to slightly alkaline so here a bit of lime
                                                   may be necessary here as well.They have different
                                                   pruning needs so keep your tags to see when to
                                                   My advise is you can never have too many in your
                                                   garden so check them out this spring and see what you
                                                   can find.They do need to be tied up to get them started
                                                   on a trellis or other support but well worth the effort.
                                                   I also love them growing through a shrub or rosebush.

                                                    Word on the street is our rain is over a good snowfall
                                                    is on the way so spring is on the way but just not quite

                                                    Do you have a favorite clematis......let me know what you
                                                    would recommend.

                                                                                 Take care,


Miss Merry said...

I am a big fan of clematis. I had always had a difficult time getting it to grow in my yard which is very hard clay. I picked up a small potted one named "Polish Beauty" at the register at a garden store a few years ago and planted it by my front window. It loves it here and blossoms twice each summer with lovely large purple flowers.

Your photos of all the colors and varieties are amazing!

Merlesworld said...

The clematis does add colour and interest to your garden, I not sure it will grow here maybe too humid and hot.

Betty said...

I love clemetis, but made the mistake of putting one in the shade and it died. I did hear that there are some that you can put in the shade. I need to find one this year for my garden.

Cindy said...

Love your photos! I can't wait to start gardening again:) I have a very dark burgandy clematis - I don't remember the name. But it looks like velvet!

Sonia said...

I love clematis...especially the double ones. Your garden is a delight!

PorcelaNowe historie said...

I love clematis too and this blog too :).
It is a small mistake in the name of clematis - You wrote: General Sikoroski, must be: Sikorski. It is very popular clematis from Poland.
Best Regards from Gdansk.

agatek said...

Hello :)
Clematis is my favorite vine in our garden too. They are my great love after the crinoids. Pergola in your garden is fantastic. I ask my husband to do so too.
Regards :)

Bernideen said...

Dear Carolyn:
I think your clematis on the bird house - the deep pink has always been my favorite. Each one is so mature and lovely. I am still learn the ways of celmatis, having made the mistakes of pulling off the old vines. I am very curious of the age of these clematis?

We just returned to Colorado last night to what I was told was going to be 12" of snow, however it is 20" of snow.

Last Friday we closed on what will be our retirement home there. The trees in the back of the yard bordering a drainage creek were bigger than I remembered and 1 very old cedar. I am envisioning a bridge across the creek. I know it will be a lot of work but imagine a new lovely backyard garden. There is a Koi pond just outside the walkout basement.

Anonymous said...

I love clematis, and try to add new varieties each year. We moved house last year, so I am starting all over again. Your pictures are delightful.

Marilyn Miller said...

Love, love clematis and roses together. Our roses do fine, but the clematis not so well. Wondering if you fertilize them and with what?

Annie said...

I have never met a clematis I wasn't crazy for. I try to find new places every year. I'll never be able to collect all the older varieties I love, much less all the newer ones that keep appearing. I like Sweet Summer Love because of the fragrance. In 2 seasons, mine grew from a baby to way over the top of my arbor. The blooms are small, open deep maroon, mature to purple, then lavender. My newest clematis is Vancouver Sea Breeze, palest lavender. Pink Champagne is another favorite. Hard to choose!

sweetbay said...

You have so many clematis and they are all so beautiful! They never grow very big down here in NC, it's too hot and humid for them. My very favorite clematis are the ones with flowers shaped like bells.