Monday, February 15, 2016

Anne of Green Gables Tea

                                                                           Hello everyone,

                                                            This is Islander Day on Prince Edward
                                                          Island and I am excited that a new version
                                                          of the movie Anne of Green Gables
                                                          is showing tonight on television for the
                                                          first time. I love the last version with
                                                          Megan Follows playing the part of Anne
                                                          but this new version has received good
                                                          reviews and Lucy Maude Montgomery's
                                                          granddaughter has been involved with the
                                                          production of this new one as an executive
                                                          producer.Martin Sheen plays the part of
                                                          Matthew, Ella Ballentine as Anne, and Sara
                                                          Botsford as Marilla. So,looking forward to seeing
                                                          this new version.
                                So, I am having a little tea in
                                       anticipation....I think Anne would

                 My comfy corner in the sunroom
                 is all set for a good old fashioned
                       tea with lots of treats and pretty china.

                                                                 I know Anne would enjoy the
                                                                 beautiful tulips as well as the

                      "It's been my experience that you can
                           nearly always enjoy things if you make
                       up your mind firmly that you will."

                                   L.M. Montgomery

                                                                I choose this Lady Slipper
                                                                tea cup for my tea as the
                                                                Lady Slipper is the flower
                                                                emblem for Prince Edward
                                                                Island.The book is an old
                                                                copy of Anne of Avonlea.
                                                                If, you haven'y read the Anne series
                                                                you should check it out......I think
                                                                all ages would enjoy the lovable,
                                                                imaginative red haired Anne.

         Photo taken from the magazine
World Styles.

"Isn't it so nice to think that
tomorrow is a new day with
no mistakes in it yet?"

                                                          Green Gables in Cavendish, P.E.I

                                                          Fans of Anne come from all over the
                                                          world to visit Green Gables including
                                                          all my Japanese visitors.
                                                          I took these a few summers ago.
                                                               Anne's room at Green Gables.

                                                                     Green Gables in winter.

                                                          A few years ago we took a drive to
                                                          Avonlea Village in Cavendish and I
                                                          took some shots for you.If you would
                                                          like to see more of my visit to Avonlea
                                                          check it out here.
                                                                  It is open to the public in the
                                                                  summer and has a lot of different
                                                                  food outlets to enjoy in this beautiful
                                                                 This is the birth place of Lucy
                                                                 Maude Montgomery ~ New London
                                                                  P.E.I. It is open for tours in the summer.
                                                   This past summer I also enjoyed a trip up west
                                                             to Biddeford to tour the Old Parsonage Museum.
                                                             It is well worth a visit. Lucy Maude Montgromery
                                                             boarded here for a year while she taught school
                                                             nearby.If you would like to see more you can check
                                                             out my post here.

                                                               You can also check out the movie trailer here.

                                                                             Thank you for your visit and
                                                                             Happy Islander Day to any
                                                                             fellow Islander's visiting me today.




Sharon said...

Did not know about the new movie! I love the older version with Megan Fallows. I wonder when it will be shown in the States?

Bernideen said...

Dear Carolyn:
I love Anne and of course I love your post. I have seen some reference to the new movie on face book and so enjoyed your information. How totally wonderful to live in such a place as PEI.

Unknown said...

Saudades de tudo, tivemos o prazer de conhecer Green Gables. Tirei lindas fotos. Momentos inesquecíveis na Ilha e a alegria de conhecer vocês, sua maravilhosa casa e seu jardim encantado. Tenha uma bela semana.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I've seen the preview for the new movie. I hope its good. I loved the one with Megan Fallows. I never read the Anne books as a girl, and didn't read them until after I was a mother. I enjoyed them.

Happy Island Day to you!


What a lovely post, I enjoyed every picture and all about Ann, but didn't know about the new movie, hope I don't miss it.
Her house, the inside and all is wonderful. Like you I so love English everything, specially china and of course, it's literature.
Your dishes are so gorgeous and your setting takes me back to those days of Ann of Green Gables.
Have a lovely week.

Madelief said...

Your tea looks lovely Carolyn. I enjoyed watching Megan Follows in Anne of Green Gables too. Now and then I still watch it with my daughters. It's a beautiful series.

Have a good week!

Madelief x

Dana said...

The book Anne of Green Gables is for me the most beautiful. Dana, Slovakia. :)

April said...

Just lovely. I hope and dream of one day getting to visit there. I told my husband that if he ever surprises me with a trip to PEI I just know I would cry!!! I love the books and movies so much I named my daughter Emmaline after the character Emmeline Harris. I love your blog because it allows me to see the beauty of the wonderful world of Anne.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Carolyn, your tea is lovely! I do believe Anne would approve. I am wondering where you found those pretty macarons! I am looking forward to the movie this evening too. I really loved Megan Follows as Anne and I do hope this new one is as good. I have to get back out to Avonlea Village this summer because we didn't see it all when we were there last. Enjoy the movie tonight!


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Lovely tea- and I am sitting here with tears in my eyes - this looks to be an excellent film- tysm for sharing!

Cynthia said...

I've long wished to visit P.E.I., and your photographs of Avonlea just make me want to be there even more! I will look for this new Anne to come to the U.S.

Enjoy your tea time, and Happy Island Day to you, Carolyn!

Susan said...

Oh, Happy Islander Day to you, Carolyn! Thanks for the photos of Anne's room. It's exactly how I pictured it in my mind. So lovely. Susan

Jean Tuthill said...

Happy Islander Day to you, Carolyn! Your tea looks wonderful. I would love to visit P.E.I. one day. It looks so beautiful and quaint. Peaceful comes to mind, also.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

After another blogger reminded me about the remake on tonight and I was looking forward to watching it. Darn, in Florida we can't get it but hubby pulled out his smartphone and recorded it at home for me to watch when we get back. Technology!
Hope you enjoy the show, your tea was lovely.

April said...
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Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I want to watch the new movie too! Not sure if it is showing today here in the states? I will look into that.
Beautiful post Carolyn! I am a big fan of Anne and Road to Avonlea. We have all 7 seasons on DVD and watch them all the time. How fun it would be to visit your island and see all the wonderful places. Thanks for sharing this with us during your lovely tea party.

Betty said...

I have always loved Anne of Green Gables and would like to visit the town you have shown. I also adore the cottage teapot set.

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Your tribute tea to Anne of Green Gables looks perfect! I'm sure there is some "raspberry cordial" hiding in the kitchen as well :)
Loved seeing the beautiful houses and buildings there on the Island - would so enjoy seeing them in person one day. Caught your post just in time...found that the movie is coming on at 9:00 pm here. Happy Islander Day!

Linda said...

Lovely post! Delightful teaware.
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Lillys Quilt said...

Dear Carolyn,
thank you for all of your beautiful pictures.
It's funny, I've got the same recipe-book as shown in one of your photos "Favourite Teatime Recipes". A former colleague of mine brought it from a trip to Cornwell in Great Britain.
Have a nice day, Dagmar

Anonymous said...

I am never tired to read Montgomery's books and I am always enchanted by the atmosphere and the story of Anne of Avonlea. Have a nice week.