Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Pink Tea Time

             Hello everyone,

                 I hope your week is going well.
                    We have been enjoying beautiful
                   sunny days here...perfect for our
                       walks or even a skate on the pond.

                   But after some fresh air and exercise,
              it is nice to enjoy a cup of hot tea in
a pretty tea cup.

       Comfort and joy!

                                                                                 Simple Abundance

                                                                          Pretty pink teacups.

                                                                              Soft and sweet

                                                     Well, I better get my skates on
                                                                and get out there before the rain
                                                                expected later takes away the ice on the
                                                                pond until it freezes again.

                                                                          Hope you enjoy your day!



Curtains in My Tree said...

I think the best thing about having a cup of tea is the pretty tea cups we use.
Yours are so pretty
There is no skating on the ponds here, last weekend it was 76 degrees and today 37
we have had a mild winter

Garden Fancy said...

What a lovely study in pink! Your tea cups are so pretty, and the whole scene is beautiful in every way. Thanks so much for sharing this enjoyable moment with us! -Beth

podso said...

Pretty in pink! Actually there are peachy tones to the pink which makes me think of my mother!

Rosa said...

I love so much the quiet and lovely atmosphere of your blog.
Greetings from Italy,

Szara Sowa said...

Sweet teacups.

Susan said...

Of course I loved the "pink" tea, Carolyn. And "Simple Abundance" never leaves the table beside my bed. It's a keeper to be read again and again and again. Susasn