Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Teal Transferware & a Treat


                                                                     Hello everyone,

                                                        On this crisp sunny winter day,
                                                        I have a treat for you.
                                                        Before Christmas a kind friend
                                                        gave us this lovely light fruitcake..

It is almost too pretty to
      eat......although my husband
dug into it quickly!

                                                                 I am using my teal
                                                                 green transferware
                                                                 for tea today.

                                                             I am a little late posting
                                                             these as they look rather
                                                             Christmasy but better late
                                                             than never......don't you

                                       We are expecting a storm tomorrow so
                                                 it might be a good day to snuggle in.

                                                Thank you, Arlene for this sweet treat.....
                                                we really enjoyed it!

                                                              Hope you have a sweet day!



Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Your photography is beautiful, as always. The "light" fruitcake is pretty and looks like it would be very tasty.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Fruitcake looks fabulous!

Bernideen said...

That's a very nice fruit cake and you are right - very light. I made fruit cake this year - my first ever and we really like them. The key ingredient was the brandy. Your photos are very cheerful in the dead of winter! We are expecting some more snow coming too. Keep warm and snuggle in - always a good plan.

Pamela Gordon said...

Pretty photos and the fruit cake looks so delicious. Have a cozy night in the storm.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

The light fruit cake is very pretty and lovely with a cup of tea. I always make a dark and a light every year for Christmas although I didn't get the dark made this year. Love the teal! Stay cozy!


White Lace and Promises said...

Carolyn, what a pretty post. My mom made fruitcake cookies every year. We ate them because they made her happy. She finally realized that she was the only one who really loved them, but the memory of cutting up candied fruit will forever be etched in my mind. I love the aqua transferware. It's hard to find that and the brown that you love so much. Would like to see some of that.

Susan said...

Hi Carolyn. Happy New Year. I am not usually a fan of fruit cake but, admittedly, yours looks good. Love all your transferware. So pretty. Susan

Elena said...

Such a colorful and tasty

Linda said...

I'm sending you one of those padded envelopes. You know my address. Slip in a slice and send it my way, would ya?!. Pleeeease! lol Put on the kettle and batten down the hatches.
Wishing you and dear Andrew a cozy day by the fire, XOXO
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Kamila said...

Inspiring pictures, are pleased to visit your blog;)
I send warm greetings