Friday, January 29, 2016

Featured in Japan

                      Happy Weekend!

                       We are expecting a snow storm here tonight and 
             it is starting to look pretty white out there.
                             Anyway, this week a beautiful magazine arrived in the
                                    mail from Japan. Last October our home was photographed
                               for a magazine featuring Paris, Provence,New York and
Prince Edward Island.

Our dining can see my
red and white transferware china
in the cupboard.
Sorry for the glare on the photos.

I can't read Japanese but I do
 enjoy all the photos.

                                                                Our dining room

                                                             It is really special to be featured
                                                             along with our special little red haired
                                                             friend ' Anne of Green Gables'.
                                                             I am sure many of you have enjoyed
                                                             this wonderful book by L.M.Montgomery.

The photos on the Island were taken
by W.P.Maund Photography.
Love this shot of Anne.

It was fun being a part of this and
thank you Takashi Kikawa from
Maple Homes ...I look forward to
seeing you again this summer.

                                                               This is Elmwood a popular
                                                               Heritage Inn here on the Island.


               Provence ~ I would love to visit there

                 Hope you enjoyed a little peek inside
World Styles.

                        It is so pretty out right now with the snow
                            that I might have to grab my camera and go
out to take some shots.
                                                         Hope you all have a good weekend
                                                                   and for those of you affected by this snow
                                                                  storm say warm and cozy and drink lots
                                                                   of tea!

                                                                             Take care,



Monday, January 25, 2016

Looking Back ~ Our Summer Garden

                                                                          Hello everyone,

                                                    This time of the year, I enjoying looking back at the
                                                    photos I have taken in the garden in the summer so
                                                    I hope you will enjoy looking back as well.

                                                   The photo above was taken in August when I had
                                                   a garden tea party.This bed is usually on the covered
                                                   and screened porch but for the tea party I needed the space
                                                   there and thought it would look inviting in our garden terrace.

Last year we painted our house gray and I
love the delphiniums blooming near by. 

     Last year was a great year for peonies.

                                                      Normally, we have a table in the terrace so
                                                      we can enjoy lunch in here.The virginia creeper
                                                      growing over it gives us a shady spot and the
                                                      peonies, roses & lilacs growing nearby add beauty
                                                      and fragrance.
                                                        Last summer my husband made the gate for me as
                                                        a birthday present.He had already built the fence
                                                        and arbor. We gave them a coat of blue/green stain
                                                        that I love.

Martha's Garden is enclosed and
one of my favorite garden spots,
          especially in spring and early summer.
              The bistro set was a yardsale find that got
     a coat of the same blue/green stain.

                                                         The  front garden surrounded by a
                                                         picket fence and two arbors...also,
                                                         built by my husband.
                                                           Clematis with delphiniums in the
                                                           background. I love clematis and I
                                                           don't think you could ever have too many.
                                                            I love this early foggy morning shot
                                                             taken from the balcony.
v                                                      I have a few hammocks that I like
                                                                 to move around the garden from time to
                                                                 time... a great place to relax!

                                                                I am currently working on a garden magazine
                                                                 so, it is a great winter time project for me.

                                                                 So, what about you....are you dreaming of
                                                                 your garden and making new plans for it?

                                                                                           Take care,



Friday, January 22, 2016

Warm & Cozy Weekend

                                                                        Hello everyone,

                                                           Today, was another sunny day so the
                                                           light in the library was warm and cozy.
I am always happy to have local
tulips from Vanco appear in the
stores as they add a cheery touch
to a room.

My collection of Friendly Village china
in the cabinet behind the bouquet.

     It was the dark orange tulips
     that caught my eye this time.
                                                                       Pretty teacups from a good friend.

                                                                     Warm & cozy for a winter day.

                                                Hope you have a warm and cozy weekend !


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Beauty of Winter

Hello everyone,

I hope your week is going well.
We have been celebrating some
      family birthdays here the past week
   so I didn't have time to post here.

Yesterday was a project day as I
cleaned up out our little pantry
and gave it a fresh coat of paint
and got rid of some clutter in

   I took some shots last week
on a pretty winter day.

                                                                        Our sun room on a mild
                                                                        sunny winter day.
                                                             I like the winter berries in the window
                                                              box with the snow.

We had a good snowfall
the middle of the week.

I went for a walk around the pond.

                          I shot this through the bay window.

                        I love a snow fall that stays on the

                   Our woods......many years ago when our house
                       was built the road actually went through here.Now,
it is at the other side of our home.

        Winter is so beautiful...don't you agree.

                                 After all that walking through the 
                                  woods ....I think it is time for a hot
  cup of cocoa!

                         Hope you have a lovely day,


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Celebrating Tea

                                                                           Hello everyone,

                                                              Hope you are having a good week.

                                                              We didn't get hit by the winter storm as
                                                              hard as expected but did get about 20 cm.
                                                              Schools and work was shut down for
                                                              most though so a little break in the middle
                                                              of the week.
                                                              Today, I thought I would share some pretty
                                                              pastel tea cups with you to celebrate
                                                              January as Hot Tea month.
                                                                     So, pour yourself a cup of
                                                                     hot tea in your favorite tea cup
                                                                     and enjoy!

           Hope you enjoyed seeing some of
              my favorite soft and pretty tea cups.

               I am working on my favorite garden
                  shots for an upcoming post...enjoying
                   looking back at the garden in summer.

Take care,