Saturday, December 12, 2015

Our Library at Christmas


            I hope you are enjoying a lovely
               I find it hard to believe Christmas
                will be here and gone in 2 weeks!
                   I have been enjoying the cozy lights
                      etc. in our library.

                                                              We just finished putting up
                                                              our big tree in here but I didn't
                                                              get any photos of it yet.

                                                                      It is a cozy place for
                                                                      dining as well as reading.
                                                              I have set the table for a romantic
                                                              dinner for two.

                                                                My collection of Friendly Village by
                                                                Johnson Bros. is out on display for the
                                                                winter season.

Tea, anyone?

     With the long evenings it is so
          nice to dine by the fireside and if
               you noticed that I am short on words,
             dinner is cooking as we speak and I
           plan to enjoy it here in our library.

           Thank you for visiting me.



Garden Fancy said...

What a lovely scene! Enjoy your dinner in your beautiful library, and thanks for sharing it with us! -Beth

Mountain Mama said...

What a stunning room! That is the coziest dining spot I've seen!

Linda said...

Hi Carolyn and Andrew!
Greetings of the season to you and yours from Midge and me.
LOVE your dinnerware, especially the shape of the cups and sugar bowl. And, THAT TEAPOT! Is it the one my friend Sandra gave you? It's a stunner, for sure, very elegant.
Our trip was amazing, thanks for asking. I've been having some computer troubles but hope to have it all worked out and share some pics soon.
Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful Sunday,
Love Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Krisztina konyhája said...

Is's an amazing library room, i love it! :)

Trudy said...

I love when your blogs appear in my e-mailbox, it's like a mini vacation from the hectic schedule my life revolves around. Remember the old tv commercial "Calgon, take me away"? That's what your lovely photos and posts do for me.

CIELO said...

Very beautiful and cozy, as usual Carolyn. May you and yours have a lovely Christmas!


Burlap Luxe said...

So beautiful Carolyn. Love How it feels so traditional, a cottage library to love.



Madelief said...

Dear Carolyn,

Always a joy to scroll through your photo's, both during the gardening season and at Christmas time. Like no other you know how to decorate and make your home look festive!

Have a lovely week ahead!

Madelief x

Amy at love made my home said...

So very pretty!! xx

Cindy Rasley said...

Sooo Christmas Cozy! You are one of my favorite blogs! Love your decor! Simply Beautiful ! I love all the romance you incorporate !

Daniela said...

Your home is always so very wonderful, my darling Carolyn, but during the Christmas Season is truly STUNNING, thank you for sharing your charming photographs !!
With gratitude