Monday, November 2, 2015

November in the Garden

   Hello everyone,

   I was out working in the garden today
and decided I needed to stop and take
a few shots of  some pretty little
corners of the garden that
still have interest.
The monkshood is still
have to love any plant
that blooms into

Some ornamental kale.

                                                                       The hardy roses have pretty
                                                                       foliage in Autumn.

                                                                       A colorful corner along the driveway.

                                                                      This burning bush (on the right) is still
                                                                      very colorful but most of the others have
                                                                     lost most of their leaves.

                                                                           This cute little squirrel is still
                                                                           hanging out in the garden.

                                                      So just a few highlights in our
                                                                November garden today.

                                                               Well, back to work before the sun
                                                               goes down.......sure do notice the shorter

                                                                                     Have a good evening!



Rattlebridge Farm said...

Absolutely stunning! I love everything, but I am dreaming about your blue garden furniture, the squirrel, and the burning bush.

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

Your garden is so lovely and I really like the blue painted garden fence and bench.

Susan said...

So totally pretty, Carolyn. LOVE the pops of color. Bye bye til next spring, gorgeous garden! Susan

Jo said...

Hanging on for as long as I can....Today we will be into the 70s, and I'm loving it!

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful and still very colourful. I love your blue fence and bench which will provide colour into the winter too. A cold rainy Tuesday here.