Friday, September 18, 2015

Our Little Conservatory

       Happy Friday!
            We have a small conservatory on the
                   back of the Boathouse which faces south.
              It is a good place for plants to enjoy the
      light and warmth.

                                                                        A side view.

                                                                       My husband and son built this
                                                                       using old french doors as windows.
                                                                   The cherubs and plants lend
                                                                   a garden feel.

                                                                        A good spot to enjoy a cup of tea or
                                                                        write in my journal.

                                                                        The Boathouse

                                                                   One foggy can see the
                                                                  small conservatory on the back.
                                                    This is the most recent look in our
                                                               little conservatory but if you would like
                                                              to see a previous summer look click here
                                                              or to see it at Christmas last year click

                                                                           Hope you have a wonderful last
                                                                           weekend of summer!



Sandi said...

At first I read that as controversy!


Pamela Gordon said...

This is such a delightful spot! I love it and the decor.

Lynda Brandly said...

So beautiful and romantic! A wonderful place to 'restore your soul.' I love everything about it. Have a great weekend!
love and blessings~
Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

lala said...

This is such a charming spot - I think I could linger here all day with a good book and a pot of tea!

Bernideen said...

A wonderland!

Daniela said...

It's like a daydream, so useful in winter for your most delicate plants, so delightful in the beautiful season for your relax !

Have a joyouus end of the week, my dearest Carolyn

Sending Love


Susan Freeman said...

Charming! What a delightful spot!!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

an angel at my table said...

I love your boathouse! It always looks amazing one of my favorite images is of it in a winter landscape. What a lovely spot for plants and people I can imagine sitting there among all the flowers. I love to have something similar on our house. Sometime in the future we have to fix the heating first. Windy greetings from Sweden

Angela said...

Beautiful blog post! Brings to mind relaxation and beauty!

Madelief said...

What a lovely place it is Carolyn! How clever your husband and son are to build it themselves.

Have a good weekend!

Madelief x

Susan said...

Such a darling conservatory, Carolyn. Do you heat it in winter so the plants can stay alive? Just curious. Susan

Denise Bruce Of Ingleside said...

It's so beautiful. I just love it 💚 Thank you for sharing with us <3

Carolyn said...

Hi Susan,
It only has a little heat so I don't keep any plants in there in the winter.

Thank you for your visit and lovely comments.


Susan Löckle said...

So herrlich sommerlich schaut es noch bei Dir aus! Hier ist der Herbst eingezogen, leider!!!! Der Sommer, so wie bei Dir, wäre mir viel lieber! Herzliche Grüße von Susan aus Germany

Rosemary and Thyme said...

What a beautiful and charming post Carolyn. I love the very soothing colors and the cozy house by the lake is perfection.

Have a great week,


Elly said...

This is so beautiful and the colors and items are just "delicious"!