Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy First Weekend of Autumn

                                                                            Happy Weekend!

                                                          I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

                                                         We will soon be done of our garden tours
                                                         from Japan but this morning we had a smaller
                                                         tour of 16 but 7 of them were blind.It made for
                                                         a different tour
                                                         as scent and touch were much more important.
                                                         I was impressed by how well they managed(each
                                                         one traveled with a caring family member)and
                                                         how happy and enthusiastic they all were.In 3 weeks
                                                         our tours will be over and we will be getting
                                                        the garden ready for winter soon
                                                        time flies.

                                                                   I have been picking some hydrangeas
                                                                   for drying and getting out the fall throws
                                                                   as the last few days there is a hint of
                                                                   fall in the air.Just last week we spent a
                                                                   couple of hours at the beach and now with
                                                                   a nip in the air it is hot apple cider and
                                                                   warm woolly blankets.

                                                                   Still lots of hydrangeas in the
                                                                   garden ~ this one is a pink annabelle.

                                                                            Lila spent a couple of days with
                                                                            me so we went for a walk in our
                                                                            woods and of course a little photo
                                                                            shoot snuck in.

                                                                   A thrift shop wicker bench that I plan
                                                                   to give a fresh coat of paint to soon.
                                                              The pond in autumn light.
                                                         A couple of days ago there were 10 Canada geese swimming
                                                         on our pond but they were gone the next day.

              Cows grazing in the autumn light.

                                                  Wouldn't you like to end your day
                                                             curled up in this cosy cottage.???
                                                             My friend Cheryl invited a few friends
                                                             over to her new cottage for tea and I
                                                             had a hard time not jumping in and
                                                             enjoying the lovely view
                                                            of the water and the trees.
                                                            I wonder if Cheryl serves breakfast in bed!

                                                                           Enjoy your weekend!



aldia said...

Beautiful! :) <3

Laura said...


Laura said...


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Delightful! I love this time of year! So much beauty!


Sarah said...

Lila is adorable. Must add one of those shots to my Tartan Love board. Actually several of these will go on my Tartan boards. Your pond is a magical spot. It must be so rewarding to live at Aiken House and Gardens. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful! I like the pink annabelle hydrangea. Lila is so sweet and growing up! The weather has been superb hasn't it?

Linda said...

Happy Fall, Carolyn!
Little Lila is becoming such a lovely young lady! Her plaid dress is adorable.
I love that your garden tour was enjoyed by your group of blind persons. That is so wonderful to know!
Your new wicker bench was a great find. I know it'll be fantastic by the time you finish with it.
Wishing you a peaceful Sunday,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Madelief said...

You can see the colours changing in your garden Carolyn. Beautiful. Lovely photo's of your granddaughter too. What a lovely girls she is!

Have a good week. Good luck on your last couple of tours!

Madelief x

. said...

Beautifull girl and garten!
ola fi from Poland.

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Just reading that you had some guests who were blind come to enjoy your garden gave me such a feeling of gratefulness for my own sight and that I can easily see the beauty in all your lovely pics. As well, credit and compliments extend to you that your gardens provide so much pleasure, even the blind can "see" them. I really enjoyed viewing all the Canadian fall prettiness you have captured in this post's photos.

A Garden of Threads said...

Still beautiful.

shirley flavell said...

I can see the Autumnal changes in your photos. It is such a beautiful time of the year. Lovely photos of your Lila dressed so beautifully. Carolyn, I love your Autumn header picture, it is stunning.

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

How wonderful your garden's scents and textures were enjoyed by all on the tour. Seeing the plaid blankets and sweet berry wreath puts me in a autumn mood. Your hydrangeas are a beautiful pink!


love your pictures very cute.

A Casa Madeira said...

Que lindo! belas as imagens;
adorei seu blog;
prazer em conhecer

Dagmar said...

Hello, what a marvellous blog, your photos are just beautiful and the flowers and garden look amazing. Hope you have a wonderful week..sending warm wishes from BC to PEI :)