Monday, August 17, 2015

Chintz Garden Tea

                                                                            Happy Monday!

                                                           On this beautiful sunny summer day I
                                                          am having a colorful tea in the garden
                                                          using my chintz tea set .

                                                                            The small picnic basket
                                                                            belonged to an aunt and
                                                                           I gave it a coat of blue paint.
                                                                           This charming little bouquet
                                                                           was a gift from a neighbor
                                                                           who came for tea.
                                                                   The garden has so much color right now.....
                                                                   I must take you for a tour later this week.
                                                                     Charming bouquet
                                                                         I love this blue pop of color
                                                                         in the garden.

                                                       We are having the hottest weather
                                                           that we had all summer here this week,
                                                           with temperatures of 29 Celsius and
                                                           higher if you count humidity. I have to admit
                                                           I don't do well in these temps. as it saps my
                                                           energy but still it is an excuse to head to
                                                           the beach!
                                                               I better get my beach bag packed and bake
                                                              a little treat for us to take along and oh, yes
                                                              I better take along my ' An Island Summer'
                                                              book to read!

                                                                             Hope you have a wonderful day!



Liz said...

Love the chintz china! Beautiful!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

thel day said...

I love your tea set. We are finally having summer weather here in the Gaspé. I agree the beach is the best place to be in these temperatures.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your chintz is so pretty, Carolyn! I imagine your garden is a delight these days. We are leaving for the beach too very shortly. It will be a lovely week for the beach so we're happy. Enjoy your day!


Siddhartha Joshi said...

The tea set is just gorgeous...lovely!

It's me said...

Everything i read and enjoy your beautiful post here...but i comment niet so Much...why?...i do not know....but i like all your post They make my day...i Will let you know That love enjoy summer Ria x

It's me said...

I Mean every time.....grrrr ...iPad !!


What a beautiful tea setting with such surroundings and gorgeous teaset! Perfect and romantic.
Have a lovely week.

Susan said...

Oh, I love chintz, Carolyn. Very pretty indeed. I do not do well in hot, sticky weather either. Enjoy each moment on your lovely island, though. Susan

Mark Anto said...
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