Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weekend Garden Tour

                                                                                Happy Weekend!

                                                                           I hope you are enjoying your
                                                                           weekend.~ it is a lovely one
                     Romantic Garden

                      There photos were taken in the past week.

                                                                             Love the peonies,goatsbeard
                                                                            and Miss Canada lilac.
                                                                            Siberian iris and peonies.
                                                                              I love this oriental poppy.

                                                                              A broader view.

                                                                      Six Hills Giant Nepeta and a peony.
                                                                                       Polaris rose
                                                            The lilac blooming in the background
                                                                      is a Japanese Ivory Silk...the last one to
                                                                      bloom and it has a wonderful fragrance
                                                                      too but quite different from my other lilacs.

                                                                     I am looking forward to our family picnic
                                                                     on the porch tomorrow.Hopefully, I will
                                                                     be back on Monday.

                                                                                         Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



The Tablescaper said...

Just gorgeous.

- Alma, The Tablescaper

Nitka Design said...

Fantastic, dazzling garden:-)
Absolutely love it:-)

Anonymous said...

Looking at your beautiful garden you would never know it survived such an awful winter as we had in the Maritimes. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful garden. Enjoy your day with the family. Patty/NS

Amber ~ The French Pressed Home said...

Your gardens are stunning, Carolyn. We are in our second year in our home which sat vacant for a number of years so the yard was overgrown with every invasive Southern vine and weed imaginable. I did get a few roses and other plants planted last year, which have flourished so we'll keep at it! Your home is a definite inspiration!

Ann Williams said...

Hi Carolyn

even though I don't comment very often I watch your blog every day. I marvel at how you keep your gardens so gorgeous. I know they are a lot of work but you make it look so easy. thank you for bring the beauty you have created into so many lives. Your garden is so lush and your peonies are fantastic. the moles and voles ate mine so I will enjoy yours with a cup of tea.

Have a wonderful picnic with your family

Love Ann

Daniele Bihiet said...

Dear Carolyn

I found your blog last Xmas after a work accident when I couldn't walk anymore. I read, admired, ... envied everything. You surely can surround yourself with beautiful things and create such a nice atmosphere.

I used to read the Victoria Magazine which I don't buy anymore because I don't have the same pleasure to read it as I used to. Now I have much better, I read your blog and have the same pleasure as before with Victoria. Your house and garden are an enchantment not to mention your two cottages (any girl's little dreams). Your pictures are breathtaking and always make me happy.

I admire your huge collection of pottery and especially your Friendly Village one. I am having some holiday in England and fell upon several pieces of that collection in a charity shop. I had to have them. I only have 4 plates and 3 cups plus 7 saucers and 4 side plates but I will celebrate next Xmas with them (my family is rather small : my daughter and my mother).

Thanks to you for sharing this so nice collection with us. Thanks for your blog and everyhting else.

Danièle from Belgium.

dizzyizzy said...

Your garden is lovely, as always. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Ingun said...

Tank you for inspirator ♡♡

Ingun said...

Tank you for inspiration♡♡ :-)