Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rose Garden Tea


     Another sunny summer day here on
the Island so we can enjoy our
afternoon tea in the rose garden.

                  The rose garden is enclosed by
                 mainly Therese Bugnet roses.

                                                                     Pretty rose tablecloth with
                                                                     bouquets of peonies.Roses
                                                                     and peonies.....could it get
                                                                     any better?

                                                                      Our garden angel is watching
                                                                      over us.

            I made one of my favorite early
                 summer desserts ~ rhubarb cobbler,
      with whipped cream on top.

                                                                     The pretty teapot was a gift from
                                                                     another dish lover.

                                                          I sure do enjoy an afternoon tea in
                                                                   the garden daughter joined
                                                                   me for this one as rhubarb cobbler is
                                                                   her favorite too!
                                                                   I am joining BNOTP for
                                                                   Tablescape Thursday.

                                                                        Thank you for stopping by!



Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Absolutely stunning.

I think you just elevated my estrogen level, haha.

That teapot is GORGEOUS too - what an awesome gift! And did you happen to have tea cups that matched it so perfectly, or did you get the cups after receiving that wonderful teapot? I adore pink and that green color together - so pretty.

Your garden is magical and so is this teatime. My father loved rhubarb. I haven't had it in years upon years. My auntie used to grow a lot of it and make him rhubarb desserts each summer. Sweet memories, that.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Mmm, love rhubarb cobbler, and I love your roses as I have TB roses too. This is such a beautiful spot for a cup of tea. Have a beautiful day, Carolyn.


Anonymous said...

So pretty!!! The pinks are... perfect!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh, can I come over for tea?? What a sweet setting.. I love all the flowers but the sweet treats look amazing. Your china is gorgeous. Especially the tea cups and tea pot.

You are incredible sweet friend.



sarah said...

So sweet and lovely.

Sarah said...

A beautiful tea, Carolyn. I can just imagine how lovely it is on your island in the summer.

Pamela Gordon said...

Very pretty, Carolyn. I really like the teapot and the soft green along with the roses. We've had some very nice weather lately to enjoy the outdoors. Have a good weekend.

Daniela said...

Oh, my darling Carolyn
all this BEAUTY is so good for our heart !!!
Thank you so much, for me is such a joyful Good Morning !
With much love and thankfulness

aldia arcadia said...


Lisa said...

Over the top pretty!