Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Restful Tea

                 Hello everyone,

            It is time for an afternoon tea break and
          a little relaxation.
                                                                    So, I am off to the Gardener's Cottage
                                                                    for a little respite.
                                                                        A beautiful bouquet of
                                                                        pink peonies adds charm as
                                                                        well as a sweet fragrance..
                                                                            Gentle pinks

                                                                              Some shabby chic linens.

                                                                            A power nap maybe?    
                                                                  Well, now that I am refreshed by my
                                                                            afternoon tea I will enjoy doing a few
                                                                            more garden tasks while the birds are
                                                                            singing,the sun is shining and I can
                                                                            bask in the beautiful fragrance of the
                                                                           mock orange,roses,peonies and the
                                                                           Ivory Silk lilacs and take in the beauty
                                                                           of the garden.

                                                                                Hope you enjoy your day!



Tanya Rachelle said...

So pretty in pink! Lovely.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Oh, Carolyn, what a beautiful post! Love the softness and the peonies in their charming Biscotti jar. Pretty teacup and teapot, linens and lace! Your cottage is simply dreamy. Have a beautiful day and thank you for sharing.


Ruth W said...

Just beautiful! Restful indeed...soothing and ethereal. A joy.


Beautiful and romantic! I'd never want to get up from that sweet bed!


Susan said...

Love all your gentle, delicate, pastel pinks. That's definitely my favorite color. Sooooo lovely. Susan

Cozy Little House said...

Beautiful, Carolyn! Your banner is so lovely with the pinks and blues.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh my word, isn't that divine?!? I think we've all rested right with you on this beautiful post, Caroline.

It's gorgeous.

janice15 said...

Such a lovely soft Pink post... One of my favorite teacup.. the Braidmaids.. I just love it.. and sucha pretty Pink teapot.. Have a wonderful Wednesday.. with love Janice

Have a Daily said...

Gorgeous colors! Definitely very restful.


Carolyn...I have it all figured out. I'll come live in the Boat House and work for you. I'm QUIET. I'll clean. I'll polish. I'll dead head in the yard. I'll pick/cut flowers. I'll take out the trash. I'll wash dishes. I'll do almost ANYTHING to enjoy your beautiful Utopia. Every time I visit your blog, I ask myself" 'WHY do I live in hot West Texas"? I take care of my 96 yr old Mom....but I'm planning on TRAVELING some time soon!!!!


Oooops, in the interest of full disclosure....'almost anything' does not include COOKING! I'd have everything smelling like charred something-something! Just teasing you...I live vicariously thru your gorgeous posts!