Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Window Boxes and Container Ideas

                   Hello everyone,

                      We are having  beautiful sunny warm days 
                    finally and the garden is rapidly coming to
                   life. It is such a pleasure to be out in the 
  garden again.

                 I have been thinking of pretty windowbox and
               container ideas for this spring and summer so
     I went trough my past photos for some
I took the shot above at a shop in
Victoria by the Sea here on
the Island and I think it has
a big wow factor.
                                                      All the colorful planters certainly
                                                      add lots of color and beauty to these
                                                      steps. I took this shot in Savannah, Georgia.
                                                               I never thought of using small
                                                               hydrangea plants in window boxes.

                                                                 I love how a lot of shops and outdoor
                                                                 restaurants have planters etc. to
                                                                 beautify our downtown Charlottetown.
                                                                         It makes for a lovely walk downtown.
                                                          An eye catching combination of pansies
                                                          and trailing lobelia.
                 I like the simplicity of this charming 
window box.

                                                                     These unique containers caught
                                                                     my eye on Amelia Island,Florida.
                          Charleston always delights the eye with
             it's beautiful flower boxes etc.

                                      This bicycle made a beautiful display
           on Amelia Island.

              I love using old rain boots from
                    the thrift store for cheerful displays.

                                                                 I saw these cute boots in Mahone Bay N.S.
                                                                      They inspired me to do my
                                                                      own on an old door in the garden.
                                                                        I love wooden barrels of tulips
                                                                        in spring.

                                                                    And finally back home to some
                                                                    containers on our own balcony.

                   Right now our balcony is under a bit of
                   construction but I am looking forward to
           getting it ready for the season soon.

              Well, it is time for me to get out to the
          garden with visions of all the beauty
soon to come.

Enjoy your day!



Bernideen said...

A lot of inspiration here!

Sandi said...

So beautiful....and the header photo looks like a dream!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

There was a lot of inspiration in this post Carolyn! Thank you for sharing so many photos.


Debra@CommonGround said...

love all the wonderful flower inspiration! I've been planting all last week. love your beautiful deck!

Susan said...

I just love all your statuary, Carolyn That little fellow on your deck is adorable. Loved all the flower photos, too. Susan

Anonymous said...

Boa noite! Fiquei encantada com tantas flores colorindo os jardins, amo flores, elas me trazem muita alegria.Linda postagem!

Ian's Girl said...

I am on a huge hanging basket kick as well, and am really loving the Easy-Fill Hanging Baskets. (No affiliation, just a happy customer!)

Mein Gartenglück said...

Das freut mich für Dich, liebe Carolyn! Nun darfst auch Du Deinen Garten wieder genießen! Die Kübel sind alles samt toll bepflanzt! Nächste Woche werde ich auch bei mir die Frühlingsblumen entfernen und den Sommer einziehen lassen! Alles Liebe von Susan

Linda said...

GLORIOUS images, Carolyn!
Victoria-by-the-Sea is always lovely!
Wishing you a beautiful day in the garden,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Anonymous said...

Those are some beautiful containers. Love all the great ideas.

Madelief said...

I am happy to hear the weather changed on the island! You showed us some beautiful window boxes. Looking forward to see yours soon!

Happy weekend ahead!