Monday, January 12, 2015

Tulip Vignettes

                                                       I love when the tulips appear in
                                                      the grocery stores as it brightens
                                                      my day just looking at a cheerful
                                                     bouquet of them in our home.
                                                        I also love that they are grown right
                                                        here on Prince Edward Island by Vanco.
                                       I spent a good part of the day making over some
                                       curtains that I bought before Christmas at a thrift
                                       shop and doing some tweaking in our library.

                                                          Some early touches of spring color.

                             We got a little snow today and tomorrow promises to
                                       be sunny but colder.Hopefully, it will be a good
                                      photography day.

                                                         Thank you for visiting!



Deb said...

What an amazing colour they are. The wind is howling outside and temperatures are dropping. A little 'Spring' is welcomed. Deb

Kamyria said...

Beautiful tulips, gorgeous pictures. They almost emanate warmth... :)

Southerncook said...

Tulips are beginning to show up in our super markets as well. I made a quick run into Whole Foods today and paused to look at the bouquets of tulips. I should go back and pick up a bouquet. I dearly love tulips.


hansundgrete said...

The look outside shows the winter, but this tulips let us dream of the spring.
Wonderful. I love the color.
Hugs from Germany, Olgs

Fru R. said...

Tulips are beautiful. I keep them in the fridge without water during night, then it is fresher much longer.
Have a nice day.

Candy S said...

Spring blooms just make you feel so good when they decorate the house!

The Tablescaper said...


You are so right! There is nothing like a bunch of fresh flowers to perk up our homes!

- Alma, The Tablescaper

dizzyizzy said...

Everything is so lovely. Fresh flowers always brighten a wintery day!

Cuore Antico said...

Adoro i tulipani.
Complimenti per le bellissime foto.

Pamela Gordon said...

They look gorgeous! I'm hoping to buy some tomorrow. They bring a lot of cheer to the cold winter days.

Retired English Teacher said...

That's what I need. I need some red tulips. Thanks for the beautiful post!

martina said...

Beautiful tulips, gorgeous pictures!
Thanks for the beautiful post!

Rosemary-Thyme said...

So cheery and beautiful. Perfect for that cozy space.


Jessica said...

Love the "new" curtains! Don't you love a great thrift store find? I haven't had much luck at our local thrift stores yet, but with 3 little boys 8 and under we don't get to many. ha