Friday, January 23, 2015

Mauve & White Transferware


                                                           Today is just a quick post on some
                                                          of my pretty mauve and white dishes.

                                                         The beautiful teapot above is another one
                                                        of my treasures from our trip to Kennebunkport,
                                                        Maine last month.
                                                            I already had a few matching and
                                                            coordinating dishes and fabrics.
                                                       The white hyacinths have lasted well
                                                      and have such a lovely fragrance.

                                                     The teapot is a large size and pretty shape~
                                                       but no markings on the bottom.

                                              So soft and pretty ~ don't you think?

                                                   If you would like to see more pretty mauve
                                                   and white please click here or here

                                        I have a friend coming shortly for a visit and we are going for
                                       a skate on the pond before having soup, scones and of course
                                       a cup of hot tea or I better rush and get my scones in!

                                                         Have a wonderful weekend!



Pamela Gordon said...

Your new teapot is so beautiful! I love all the soft mauve colours in these photos. Where did you find the mauve mason jar? I saw a friend post a photo of some on Facebook this morning from Country Living Magazine. Are they available here now? Thanks. I hope you had a lovely skate on the pond. It's a perfect day for it here.

xinex said...

How beautiful! I love the color of your transferware and love the teapot....Christine

UschiM. said...


so what hutliebhaberin

Chubby Chieque said...

Hi Maam Carolyn,

I absolutely agree. Loving the color scheme as much I love mine, :-) resemblance in color.

Happy w/end.

Gårdsjenta said...

That sounded like great plans for the weekend! :)

Lovely china aswell :)

Kamyria said...

They are all gorgeous, but that teapot is simply amazing. :)

Carolyn said...

Hi Pamela,
I got the mauve mason jar at the thrift shop here but I did see them last summer at Sobey's grocery store but they don't have them now....maybe in the summer.

Thank you all for for your visit and kind words.


Arzu Pınar said...

You have created the heaven at your home.

Różana Pracownia Wandy said...

Piękna porcelana w towarzystwie moich ulubionych kwiatów - pozdrawiam

Unknown said...

I love your mauve dishes they are beautiful,hope you have a good time skating with your friend and have a good day.

Natureluvr57 said...

I just love your blog pictures. I recently bought some of the new purple Ball (anniversary) canning jars. They are soooo dark but put them in a window and the purple is lovely. I love mason jars period. Warning: I bought some Mason drinking glasses that were tinted blue and green, eventually the tint was peeling off-it's a coating not color glass. The company did replace them free with clear ones.

dizzyizzy said...

Love that teapot! Gorgeous! My favorite color.

Scrap said...

hooooo gorgeous !


The Tablescaper said...

So pretty!

- Alma, The Tablescaper

Miss Merry said...

So beautiful and romantic, your teapot is just lovely! I love transferware and this pattern is really special. The scones and soup sound wonderful!

BeachGypsy said...

Love those dishes! So beautiful! And i love love love the scent of the hyacynths!!

JES said...

What a beautiful blog! I found you via Home Living :) I look forward to following your lovely posts... Have a wonderful week!