Monday, November 17, 2014

Teal Green & White Transferware in the Kitchen

I have been changing my displays of dishes
in my cupboards ~ giving them a more
seasonal look.
       These photos of my teal green transferware
collection were taken a few years ago.

                                                    The same dishes but in a different light.
                                                   I love this teacup that I bought from
                                                   Emmett and Ellie's last year.
                                                                     Soft and sweet.

This is where I have them displayed this year.

Teal green transferware is harder to find
around here so my collection is smaller.

I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for
Tea Time

Hope you have a good day!



Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous, Carolyn!
Love the display in your little cabinet.
Be a sweetie,

Cathy said...

These dishes are so pretty and the shade of teal is gorgeous!

I also love your display. : )


I changed my mind, your green collection of transferware is gorgeous! I say this cause I wasn't to fond of the green one.
Pretty teal-green though, I've seen in not as lovely shade, probably too. I love it!

Antiques And Teacups said...

So pretty! I love transferware!

Sandi said...


Pamela Gordon said...

These are gorgeous dishes. I love the colour!

Linda said...

I think I'm turning green! Haha
BEAUTIFUL, as always.
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

So beautiful, Carolyn! This is my new favorite color - well, new to me. : ) I just love this from when I first saw it on your blog. Unfortunately, I have never come across a piece in person. I'd love to find even just one or two pieces to have for display. I'll keep looking and keep enjoying seeing your pictures.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your teal transferware is so pretty, Carolyn! I have yet to see teal anywhere around here. You have done well to have found so much of it. I love your little sheep too. Thanks for sharing and joining me for tea. Hope you get all your tulips in.


Martha's Favorites said...

You really see green transfer ware, Yours is stunning. Everything looks beautiful. Blessings, Martha

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I am amazed at the colour collections of transferware you have. The teal is a pretty colour, do you find much of the mulberry when looking? I have the one plate and would like to find more.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Oh, my! I have a daughter who would LOVE these dishes.

So very pretty!


Deborah Montgomery said...

I've never seen teal transfer ware when I've been out antique-ing; it's really lovely. You have a beautiful collection.

Beth in NEPA said...

The teal green is such a soft and lovely color of transferware. A new thing to look for!!

MomWaldsPlace said...

I found my first teal transferware plate this summer. I had no idea such a lovely color of transferware existed. Your collection is amazing, and as always so nicely displayed. Thank you for sharing!

Zaa said...

Such a fabulous setting for this vintage set...I love the teal coloration... It's not a common colour which makes it even more interesting and I love it...thank you for sharing....Have a lovely teatime...Hugs

The Charm of Home said...

You have such a nice selection of that teal transferware! So photogenic!

Sandi said...