Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Prelude to Christmas

This year for the first time we are having a few tours
from Japan in November and December so I wanted to
make it a little more special for them since the garden
is past.
So, I did some Christmas decorating starting with the

                                                  The tour this morning really enjoyed
                                                  a peek into an Island Christmas.
                                                 However,I am not finished yet so
                                                  just a peek today.
                                                   I bought these old skates at a thrift shop
                                                 for $4 and gave them a coat of paint and a
                                                 a coat of dark wax.  I glued on some fake
                                                 fur when they were dry. For now they are
                                                 hanging on the door of the boathouse but
                                                 they will probably go into a wreath for the
                                                            This cute little pooch ,Bella is the newest
                                                            member of the family. She is a miniature
                                                           schneuzer and belongs to my daughter and
                                                            her family.

                                                              Just getting started ~ but having
                                                        I love touches of red at Christmas time.
                                                           I also love plaid for Christmas and the pillows
                                                           and skates were also thrift finds.
                                                              These old skates got a wash of grey
                                                              paint and have an old pair of wool
                                                             socks in them but you could also
                                                             use the cuffs of an old sweater.
                                                 I just took a few quick shots for now
                                                             but when it is all done I will share more.

                                                            I love decorating for Christmas ~ love the
                                                            coziness of twinkling lights and greenery
                                                            etc. so I love to start early and then relax
                                                            and enjoy it.

                                                                              Enjoy your day!



Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

I just love seeing what all you do, so inspiring and beautiful! I like the the splashes of red too.
Have a great day.

Andi's English Attic said...

So excited about the up coming post. Love the skates idea. The dog is cute. I share your love of tartan at wintertime. xx

Rita C. said...

Oh Carlyn, what magic you are spinning on your boathouse Christmas decor! So enchanting, so wonderful, so looking forward to more!
Rita C at Panoply

podso said...

Love those skates. What a great idea to paint them. And the little red shoes. I would have a hard time leaving the boat house once it's decorated. it all looks so sweet and festive. How nice you can extend the garden tours to a bit of Christmas.

Madelief said...

You do know how to decorate Carolyn! It all looks beautiful! I think the ladies from Japan will love it. So would I!!

Have a lovely day!

Madelief x

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

You're not finished??? Looks delicious!

Ewa said...

Thank you many years with your it so much and always enjoy your Christmas time with your decorations and all creations !!! kind regards,Ewa from

Lorrie said...

It's all very beautiful. Your touches of red are cozy indeed. Love the idea of painting old skates!

thel day said...

I love your decorating, the skates and red tartan is so Christmas. I am anxious to see more. If I ever go to PEI, I will visit.

Pamela Gordon said...

I am amazed there are Japanese tours coming in November and December! How exciting for you. I can't wait to see all your beautiful Christmas decorations in the boat house and your home as well. It is always beautiful. Have fun getting ready.

Mrs.Rabe said...


I love what you've done! I too, am a fan of red (all year long) and plaid and old skates…

How wonderful that you'll still get tours at this time of year! Your home will be beautiful!

Thanks for giving us a glimpse.


Stacey said...

Already so beautiful. :)

Susan said...

Like you, Carolyn, I love decorating for Christmas, too. Such fun! Your decor will look so lovely, I am sure.

I have begun in the dollhouse. Once that is complete, I'll start on the "big" house. Susan

janice15 said...

What ever color you pick or however you doing are always wonderful.. I enjoy each and every photo you take and share with us.. thank you these are lovely can't wait to see the rest.. with love Janice

Georgianna said...

Hi Carolyn, I adore the touches of blue and the plaid, of course, which is so perfect. I'm glad you have plenty of time to decorate as well as enjoy the final result. It always seems so rushed here, but we have Thanksgiving to get through first! Wishing you a beautiful day.

Birgitte og Kaffekoppen said...

Once again simply beautiful :)

Birgitte og Kaffekoppen said...

Once again simply beautiful :)

Heidi Officier said...

I love it!Have a lot of fun!

Rhondi said...

Good morning Carolyn. You have that magic touch that makes everything beautiful! I love the red. Have fun as you decorate for Cnristmas. Can't to see what other beautiful ideas you have!

Linda said...

Such a fun little "playhouse" (boathouse) for you to decorate! It gives me warm fuzzies...and makes me look forward to Christmas!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

The boat house is looking festive already Carolyn and the visitors are going to love your efforts.
I have a pair of blue skates but haven't used them the last couple of years with knee problems. I opted for a ladies version of a man's design as I figured the picks might cause me to fall. They work well.

CoCo ohne Chanel said...

. A day without "Aiken House & Gardens " is a lost day :-)

Marlene Stephenson said...

It looks so wonderful,i love your pictures,thank you so much for sharing and have a wonderful day

Mary Cromer said...

I have you neatly tucked into my blog scroll bar now so that I can keep up. I am thrilled to have found your blog last week and your image shares and creativity inspire me~

Joy said...

I love that door swag, all the skates, and the plaid - I wish I could come take a tour but it is wonderful to see the photos!

Debra Howard said...

Swooning! They are all beautiful. So many ideas to use those ice skates I bought.

Bernideen said...

Just viewed this post and the one above and love it all! I have never been a red person but I think you are very influencing!