Friday, October 3, 2014

Frosty Autumn Light & Tea

It was such a beautiful autumn day here today but
overnight we did have a touch of frost.
So it was the perfect morning to get out
early with my camera.

                                                  These shots were all taken close to our home.

                                                Beautiful horses in the misty light of autumn.
                                                          A nearby barn.
                                                       After an early morning outing it is
                                                       nice to come in for a cup of tea.
                                                        The roses are from our garden
                                                       and I am using my mason ~ Vista
                                                       transferware tea cups today.
                                                  This sweet little teapot was a lovely gift.

                                         The beautiful quilted table runner was also a lovely gift....
                                          always admired by my Japanese visitors!
                                     Thank you for your visit and I hope you
                                               enjoy a lovely Autumn weekend!



Håkan Gidestrand said...

Hello Carolyn
Long time, no see :)
I say it again, Your blog is still NUMBER ONE in the WORLD :)
and you are welcome to join SATURDAY SHOW OFF
Hugs from Håkan

shirley flavell said...

Lovely Autumn photos Carolyn. We here in N.Z.are welcoming Spring and having lovely weather although today has completely turned to custard and have heating on inside. Still there is lovely green turning trees to look at outside and pretty bright spring flowers like yours in your vase. Love the teapot and the glimpse of your patchwork tablecloth does look beautiful. Have a good weekend Shirley N.Z.

Debbie said...

Lovely photos, Carolyn!
I love the horses in the paddock in the early morning light. Makes me long for mine.
Happy weekend to you.

Deb said...

Such a lovely post today, Carolyn. I love the Fall light and colours so much. Nothing comes close. What a pretty tea-pot. Deb

Shabby soul said...

Carolyn, the second image... breathtaking! You always chatch real beauty! Thank you darling. Silvia

Linda said...

Hi Carolyn,
Now, THAT is one of the prettiest teapots I've seen anywhere!!! Lucky you! I just LOVE it. Is it new or vintage? I would love to know the maker.
Wishing you a beautiful weekend,
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Nancy Reinke said...

Photo #2 looks like a scene from where we live. I love the mornings this time of year. Your gifted table runner is very pretty. Wonderful colors. Thanks for sharing these lovely images, Carolyn. ~ Nancy

jankasgarten said...

Wunderschöne und mystische Herbstfotos. Have a beaufiful weekend.

Pamela Gordon said...

I enjoyed your early morning photos with the mist and frost. Love the sweet birds in the first photo. Also, I enjoyed your previous post with the old chair outside. Perfect. I wish it was sunny here this weekend again.

Dayle said...

Magnificent photos with the horse. So peaceful.

Katy Noelle said...

You still have all of those lovely roses in you garden? So blessed, Carolyn!! <3


June said...

Wow! What a beautiful world God has made and I'm so glad you were able to capture it and share it with us! We are having pretty fall weather where I am too, but I would love to experience a PEI Autumn in my lifetime. Breathtaking!

Anthony Garden said...

Extremely picturesque post :))

Tinka B. said...

I found you today over madeliefs blog. You have such a lovely blog. I was on a fleamarket today and searched for such plates/cups you show!! But I didn´t find some. Greetings from Germany

Linda said...


Rosemary and Thyme said...

Hello Carolyn,

Happy Sunday to you. As always, it is always a pleasure and enjoy to visit your magnificent blog. Your photos are gorgeous.



Heaven's Walk said...

I truly believe you live in heaven on earth, Carolyn. Your photos are ethereal and so dreamy. What a beautiful place to live and dream and play and work!

xoxo laurie

Fróni said...

It's a dream! Ohhh..Prince Edward Island...I have a dream that one day I can go to this wonderful place! Thank you for your beautiful photos.
Hugs from Europe/Hungary. Veronika

Daniela said...

What charming photographs your early morning walk has given you as a gift, thank you for sharing them !
It's always such a pleasure to come and visit you my dear Carolyn !
Have a lovely new week sweet friend