Monday, August 4, 2014

Garden Tour Day

                                                                       Hello everyone,

                                                             I hope you had a lovely weekend.
                                                            Last week our garden was on a tour
                                                            with Allan Armitage and a lovely group
                                                           of garden enthusiasts.
                                                               They were coming to our garden
                                                            after breakfast so we got up early to
                                                            do some last minute deadheading and
                                                            bouquets etc.
                                                                   The morning started off cool as
                                                             you can see by the mist on the pond.
                                                            It was the perfect morning for a tour!


                                                                Picking off all the old
                                                               blooms on the daylilies (deadheading).
                                                                        Another bouquet to pick.
                                                                 Finally, they arrived! Do I
                                                                  look a little star struck? It
                                                                  was so nice to meet Allan Armitage
                                                                  in person ,as for years I used to
                                                                  devour his articles in Fine Gardening.
                                                                           Mr. Armitage went around the garden teaching
                                                                           interesting tidbits about plants.
                                                            August is daylily season here and we have hundreds
                                                            of them in various sizes and colors.
                                                                             The Annebelle hydrangeas also are putting on
                                                                              a good show.

                                                                   The south side of our home and garden.

                                                           Several of my daylilies have reverted back
                                                           to orange it seems ~ has that happened to you?

                                                       Well ,it was a fun morning and now do you
                                                       have time for a little relaxation in the hammock
                                                      under a shady tree?

                      Shh! We won't wake you if you
                          have fallen asleep on the hammock.

                                                       On Saturday evening we had some lovely Island
                                                                 visitors for a garden tour and I enjoyed chatting with
                                                                 them as well!
                                                                    Now,the focus is on my upcoming garden tea
                                                                  and I have a few tours from Japan in the next week as
                                                                  well but I hope to see you soon. I have lots of pics
                                                                   to share just need some time to go through them.

                                                                        Hope you have a lovely day!



Sandra said...

Carolyn, you have such a beautiful home and garden. Thank you for the photos, I really enjoyed looking through them :)

Home Bohemia said...

What a beautiful garden tour.Thank you/Maria

jankasgarten said...

Your garden is beutiful, Carolin :-)

Jonell w Harrison said...

Incredibly busy..suppose that just means you will enjoy the slower, leisure times even more?
As I read your notes it seems we here [south Alabama] are a full two months behind you perhaps even a bit more. Different worlds...same amazing beauty!

Deco Wena said...

I love your garden. It is my dream to have such a wonderfull place

Carla from The River said...

Thank you for taking us along. :-)
xx oo

Victorian1885 said...

That must have been very exciting for you Carolyn. You look as lovely as ever...

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

It would have been nice to be on Allan's tour but I heard it was difficult to get signed up with so many wanting to go.
I hope you met the two ladies I toured Ireland with as they were looking forward to seeing your property.
Maybe I should suggest a Canadian tour to your gardens Carolyn.

angie said...

sie haben einen wunderschönen garten!!! alles liebe von angie aus deutschland

Cynthia said...

How beautiful it all is, Carolyn. I am sure that Alan was impressed with all the hard work you've done to make your gardens thrive. . .Thanks for that beautiful Dahlia photograph at the end; mine are coming up now, and I'me really enjoying how pretty and different they all are.

sarah said...

Such a lavishly beautiful garden, and the feeling in your photographs is one of real tranquility amongst all that beauty. I love too what you are wearing! :-)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I was going to tell you how stunning your garden looks in that first picture, Carolyn, and then I saw the rest. : ) Just beautiful.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I was going to tell you how stunning your garden looks in that first picture, Carolyn, and then I saw the rest. : ) Just beautiful.

Merlesworld said...

You do have a beautiful garden, I enjoyed this visit.

Etteb said...

Beautiful Garden ! ♡

Unknown said...

Wow, all so very lovely including the hostess. Nice to see your pretty face. Joann

Larry said...

So beautiful... what a great little piece of the world!

Zwergenwelt said...

Your Garden is always Paradise!
so wonderful!

MagdalenaK said...

To co pokazujesz zawsze jest piękne.

Madelief said...

Dear Carolyn,

What an honour to have mr Armitage visiting your garden with a group! He must have liked what he saw! Your garden looks like a dream with all those lillies. I enjoyed your early morning photo's with the mist over the pond too.

Hope you gardening tours with the Japanese ladies will be a success!

Madelief x

Georgianna said...

Honestly, Carolyn, I don't have enough words! That first image is like a painting and your garden looks magnificent. And to have Allan Armitage leading a tour through it must have been such a thrill. Congratulations on such a successful event!

Anthony's Garden said...

For me the story. I love to look you. You can not tear your eyes :))

Olga Siedlecka said...

So charming!

Bernideen said...

I really imagine he was most impressed with your garden too!

Sandi said...

So beautiful! I thought that first photo was a painting at first glance! Incredible.

Daniela said...

How cannot be enthusiastic and charmed by your garden, my dear Carolyn, is it possible ?
And you looked so charming too, you added a vintage touch to your Victorian garden, I think that your visitors felt so excited ... and I must say that I'd loved to be among them, truly !!!!!
Thank you so much, dear friend !
With much love and admiration

Regine R said...

Oh Carolyn, I would love be part of these Lucky visitors !! if one day I cross the ocean to visit your country, I'll come to say hello and visit your paradise ♥ bises de France