Sunday, July 27, 2014

All Around the Town

                                                                                          Hello everyone,
                                                                        I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
                                                                        Our weather has been so lovely here.
                                                                              One evening recently, we went for
                                                                        a stroll around some of my favorite
                                                                       parts of our small capital city~ Charlottetown.

                                                                      So, you can come along if you like.


Victoria Row outdoor dining.

Hope you enjoyed a quick tour around town
on a beautiful sunny warm evening.

Wishing you a great week!



Lady Chris said...

I love looking at homes...and older homes in particular. Thanks for this post.

June said...

Hi dear Carolyn! You live in the loveliest place on earth I believe! Your photos show just how beautiful it is. I loved strolling with you and seeing all the pretty homes. Of all the places I would love to visit, PEI is at the top of that list.
sending hugs...

Georgianna said...

Hello, Carolyn,

Your town is incredibly charming! And you are a great tour guide, as always. I love seeing summer in your part of the world – it's idyllic. Hoping you are well and sending best wishes for the new week.


MagdalenaK said...

To co pokazałaś jest przepiękne, domki jak z bajki. Mam nadzieję że mieszkają w nich dobrzy ludzie :). Jakbyś mogła pokaż jeszcze piękne ogrodzenia.
Pozdrawiam cieplutko z Polski

Linda said...

Hi Carolyn,
LOVE the yellow houses, especially the smaller one. We enjoyed Charlottetown and the walks are so pretty and historic. Hope your week is wonderful.
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Victorian1885 said...

Thank you for sharing your stroll through one of our favourite places! They brought back allot of wonderful memories of our time there and have renewed our interest in returning to PEI. Have a wonderful week Carolyn.


petrajanssen ♥ goldenfairycottage said...

OMG, ... this little magical town could "pop-up" in a movie. Love all the colors. Thanks, for sharing!

Lots of love,


Olá Carolyn,

Adorei o belo passeio, tão bom rever Charlottetown.

Uma semana ensolarada para vocês.


Marrianna said...

I would love, absolutely love, to be able to live in almost any of the houses pictured in this post. What a lovely place. And the restaurant row looks so inviting. You definitely live in a beautiful place, so much different in architecture and climate than Northern Arizona, USA.

Blessings, Marrianna

Mary said...

Beautiful homes! What a fun treat to take a tour around your part of the world! Amazing paint colors and combinations. All the flowers and plants are so healthy looking.

From Virginia

Jonell w Harrison said...

You really got me with the OUTDOOR DINING scene..

Madelief said...

Dear Carolyn,

Lovely photo's of Charlottetown! What a pretty town it is with all the grand and colourful houses.

I enjoyed the photo's of your breakfast at the boathouse and your garden too. It all looks like a dream!

Happy week!

Madelief x

Susan said...

Gosh Carolyn. Loved the tour. Everything looks so neat and clean. Susan

Heaven's Walk said...

What a quaint, charming town, Carolyn! Are all the houses and gardens there so beautiful? It seems like everything on PEI is just so breathtaking...

xoxo laurie

Véronique Rose said...

merci pour cette merveilleuse promenade,
douce journée

parTea lady said...

Your town is beautiful! I enjoyed seeing all the lovely photos.

Mim Williams said...

These photos are just beautiful - you live in a lovely paradise! My dream....

Ana said...

Oh gosh now I know for sure that my house looks so doll! XD
Amazing houses thanks for sharing

Susans Perspective said...

Loved looking at your wonderful photos Carolyn, such beautiful homes & I'm not surprised your Morning Tea is sold will be a feast for the eyes & soul before it even reaches the taste buds :) Would love to visit your beautiful part of the world some day.

Thank you for a gorgeous blog. x Susan (Tasmania-Australia)