Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shades of Pink

                                                                             Hello everyone,

                                                       I hope your week is going well and
                                                       you are enjoying the sunshine.It was
                                                       a beach day here today and just a
                                                      week ago we had frost!
                                                         Anyway, I am going with a pink
                                                        theme today. The vintage polka dot
                                                       dress is a thrift find and hangs on
                                                      display in our little sunroom.
                                                            I picked a few small bouquets
                                                            of pink tulips today to enjoy.

                                                                       pale pinks

    I got a new weeping flowering crabapple tree ~
Love those pink blossoms.
                                                         A pink bouquet for you!

                                                                           Thank you for visiting,



Anonymous said...
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Daniela said...

So lovely and romantic <3
Thank you dear Carolyn !
A warm hug

Susan said...

Hello Carolyn...Swoon, swoon, swoon. Oh, you know my favorite color is pink. Ahhhhh. Your picturesque post warmed my heart. Susan

Sheila Copp said...

I get such a beautiful ache (as Anne Shirley would say) looking at these pictures...they're so beautiful. Thank you!

Carla from The River said... second favorite color. I love the dress. This is just beautiful and so romantic.

♥ Carla

Kathryn Bechen said...

So pretty in pink! Thanks for sharing the loveliness!

Jo said...

Beautiful, as always...What a find, the dress is lovely <3

me said...

Oh, love all the PINK! Especially the pink and white polka dot pitcher. :)

Rae said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I always enjoy your blog!!

We read somewhere that if you pick tulips they won't bloom again the next year so we have just enjoyed ours in the yard and never have brought them in to enjoy in the house. I assume there must be no truth to that since you pick yours?

You mentioned in one post about deadheading your daffodils. Is that just to make things prettier or does it actually benefit the plant? Do you deadhead the tulips, too? We'd love tips on how you keep everything looking so gorgeous!

Thanks again for your blog; it's always a breath of fresh air, and I feel as if I can feel the sun, smell the flowers and experience the calm moment.

Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn, I am really glad that you keep on sharing your hobbies here in your blog. Lots of your followers (like me) learned a lot from you, from the design of garden to picking of color combination of the flowers and a lot more. Hope you can share more inspiring post. Have a nice day ahead carolyn =)

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