Friday, May 23, 2014

Kitchen/Dining Room Changes

                                                                            Happy Weekend!
                                                   I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that we
                                                   made a few changes in our kitchen/dining area
                                                  of our home so I took a few quick photos
                                                 after our tour this morning to share with you.
                                                     The first change was the pine wainscotting
                                                 that Andrew and our son put on. There is not a
                                                lot of wall space but I love how it added interest
                                               and brightness (painted Cloud White Benjamin Moore)
                                                  I found the little shelf at a thrift shop and I gave it a
                                                 couple of coats of cloud white paint on it and
                                                Andrew put a back on it. I had fun putting my
                                               antique blue & white china on it. I will photograph
                                               it up close on a sunny day.
                                               The walls were painted Revere Pewter (B. Moore) and
                                                the ceilings cloud white as well.

                                                     The Island was painted Yarmouth Blue and then I
                                                     did some light distressing and waxed it with a mix
                                                    of dark and natural. I plan to give it another coat
                                                   of dark wax as it is a little lighter then I would like.

                                                                     Tulips from our garden.
                                                        A quick peek out the window shows lush
                                                        green grass and perennials growing but it
                                                        was a cold damp day here today. Not a very
                                                       good day for our first tour but they were real
                                                       troopers and did not complain!

                                                           My red and white transferware
                                                           looks good on the new paint color,
                                                          the old color was a couple of shades darker.
                                          We have a couple more tours this weekend and
                                                     then none for a week so I hope to finish some
                                                     garden chores before the next patch of tours.....
                                                     and maybe do a photo shoot or two!

                                                        I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




Olá Carolyn,

Sua sala de jantar está linda e é tão bonito ver a chegada da primavera pela janela. É impressionante como a mudança acontece tão rápido.
Fico feliz por você.

Bom final de semana.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn! Oh, your dining room and kitchen look so pretty. Love the new color and the little island looks beautiful! I'm just amazed you have all of these tours! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

mzzbev said...

So beautiful and comfy looking. I love your choice of colors. Good job! -Bev

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

It's clever to take an old secondhand shelving unit and add the wainscoting back to it - never thought of doing so - makes it so much cuter.

Love your new color on your walls - thinking of going that route as we are considering redoing the office. It's been too dark for too long and I spend most of my life in here - so it is TIME.

Good luck with your remaining tours, hope it dries up for you. We had an absolutely perfect day today. (A real rarity in these parts!) Hugs.

Mari said...

Your home is beautiful I love your kitchen, your island looks great love the color...


Kasia Piekarz said...

Och Carolyn, jak u Ciebie pięknie... Wspaniałe masz widoki za oknem:)) Pozdrawiam Cię bardzo serdecznie!!

Stef@ said...

Hi Carolyn!! How much is beatiful your kitchen and dining area!!?!! I love it! It's the first thing i'm seeing in this early wake up saturday morning.. so it is also a beatiful start for me!!! Have a nice weekend!


Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn,
oh, how beautiful.
White with a little touch of grey
an the wooden floor, so nice.
I love it.
Hugs Olga from Germ,any.

Home Chic Club said...

Hi Carolyn! Love your new colors, looks so bright! Great job!
Have a lovely weekend!!

Carolina Mia said...

Hi Carolyn, so beautiful!!!! Carolina Mia

Alicia said...


primrosesattic said...

Carolyn I love your kitchen diner.
The colours are so restful. I want your wire plant stand. You have such a pretty house.

Amy Techentin said...

Love the tour of your kitchen and dining room! Just beautiful! I am hoping to one day re-do our kitchen in a similar look. Have a beautiful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn I live in C'town and I wonder if you would give me some info on how I could join a tour of your gardens or if you have a tea or something else planned for summer. I am always so impressed with your photos. Thanks.

Carolyn said...

Hi Anonymous,
I hope to do a couple of Islander evening tours in July and August and I will put it on my blog.
Also,you could join the tour from the southern states with Alan Armitage if you would like it is the end of July or 1st of August (watch my blog for an announcement just before that time on my blog.
I am hoping to do an afternoon tea in August
again if I can, but we do have over 70 tours this summer from Japan so it is a busy summer.

Thank you for your interest!

malowanekrzyżykami said...

Piękna kuchnia , bardzo ładny romantyczny blog .

Justine said...

Beautiful and cosy kitchen and a dining room. Love the colours and the view from the window:)
Have a sunny weekend:)

Daniela said...

I truly love the changes you've done in this area of your lovely home, it's even sweeter and cozier !
Thank you for these wonderful pictures you've shared, my friend, I wish you a great weekend <3
Sending hugs xox

Marisa said...

Es precioso todo .PAZ Y AMOR

Pamela Gordon said...

I love the new paint colours, the wainscot and the island. They look so soft and make a nice backdrop for your china. Your new header collage is beautiful! I sure hope that we get some sunshine and warmth soon! I bought annuals today but they are in the garage for now. Too chilly. The view from your window to the pond and boathouse is fantastic.

JustNeedling said...

Your kitchen/dining room is so beautiful! Just stunning!

shirley flavell said...

A beautiful kitchen and dining area Carolyn.Your colours are lovely and so calm and peaceful. Love the crochet cloth on your table and the tulips.Best wishes for the next tour people.Shirley N.Z.

podso said...

It looks wonderful--very fresh and peaceful. I really like your new shelf.

Judi said...

While Victorian is not my preferred decorating style, I love what you have done with these rooms!

Victorian1885 said...

Carolyn your changes in the kitchen dining area look wonderful and show of all of your collections beautifully.
We used Cloud White allot in our character home and loved the look.
Your gardens tours are in full swing again and I know all the visitors will be charmed with all the beauty of your home as well.
Take care & enjoy...

Kathryn Bechen said...

I love the view out your window! And your photos in your new header are just yummy, Carolyn. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering my tour questions, I will keep my eyes open. Thanks again. said...

It all looks beautiful as always. I just wish I was nearer to go on one of your tours but I love the blog and the books although I haven't bought your latest one yet, must find the time to order it!!

elka said...

U Ciebie jest przepięknie jak w bajce tak romantycznie ... :)

Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your bar stools from. I have been searching everywhere for metal ones that fold up, but haven't had any luck. Thanks.

Carolyn said...

Hi Sharon.
I got the stools at Homesense which is the same as Home goos in the U.S but it was several years ago now.
Thanks for visiting,