Friday, March 7, 2014

A Blast of Spring Color

                                                      Hello everyone,
                            If you are like me you are ready for a blast of spring color~
                           so while I am waiting for that blast of spring color in our
                           garden, I am enjoying my little indoor garden.
             I love the rich deep orange of these tulips and my teacup and spooner are
             beautiful with them.
                        I changed the look a little here by taking out the small round table
                        and replacing it with this vintage cabinet.

                                   Love the hummingbirds on this vintage fabric.
                                 Is there anything more cheerful then the return of

                            Finally we are expecting some temperatures above
                                     freezing this weekend. It won't be long before we
                                     can enjoy a real blast of color as those spring
                                     bloomers start poking through the ground.

                                        I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



janice15 said...

Such beautiful color indeed.. I love every bit of it ... love that red.. Such a beautiful display..thank you for sharing with love Happy Friday Janice

Sandra said...

Oh thank you Carolyn I soooo needed that. Just beautiful.

The Tablescaper said...

I'm not used to all of that color from you, but I love it!

-Alma, The Tablescaper

Art and Sand said...

I am so glad that all of you who live in the "weather" states are about to get spring.

Our weather doesn't know what season it is. My daffodils have already bloomed and moved on. The rest of this week we are expecting weather in the 80's.

Pamela Gordon said...

The bright orange of the tulips backlit by the sunny window is amazing. So brilliant! We are so colour starved here (outside) so it's nice to have spring colours inside. Enjoy the weekend. Pam

Kasia Piekarz said...

Cudnie wiosennie u Ciebie, Carolyn:))
Ja też już przywołuję wiosnę.
Zapraszam do siebie,
ściskam wiosennie!!

Alicia said...


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Beautiful! Have a lovely weekend.


Betty W said...

The flowers are so pretty. Just what we need now. Have a nice weekend.

Susan said...

Just love that tea cup, Carolyn. And the orange tulips? Gorgeous. I even love the old cabinet painted white. Nice work! Susan

Sarah said...

Happy Weekend to you too! Smiling at your pretty blast of color. '-)

Daniela said...

In this period of the year our home gardens are so precious for they're giving us an anticipation of the Spring we're waiting for with so much love, and the colours and the lovely images that you, as usual, share with us, bring true joy to our heart !
Happy week end dear Carolyn xox

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

What a sweet idea to plant daffodils in a teacup & teapot!
The tulips are a gorgeous pop of color. Just what I need & want. Soon, I am hoping! Your colorful setting was very nice to view.

Sherry Svoboda said...

Such Beautiful photos and the bright colors of the spring flowers Gorgeous. Anticipation of Spring "Its what's Good for Soul Today! Thank you for Sharing

WendyBee said...

Are there more than 24 hours in a Canadian Day? Or perhaps you require little-no sleep? I am just in awe of all the things you do, all the different tea things, and having time to switch them around, keep up your pretty house, take loads of pictures, edit and format them, bake, plan gardens, and move furniture around, etc. I'm exhausted just thinking up all the things you do.
What lovely vignettes you have shared with us this week, thank you so much!

Linda said...

Your pictures are enchanting! I loved the burst of color...especially the orange...cuz it warmed me up on this cold winter day!

It is snow/sleeting here this morning in Kansas. I think it will be short-lived..but it is not fun!

Thank you for the lovely retreat you gave me...I enjoy your pretty pictures!

Melody said...

What beautiful pictures, as always! I love the daffodils and tulips, but have to say, I especially love the African Violet!!

Erin said...

Beautiful!! I love those tulips!

zakrecona kurka said...

Beautiful pictures ... :)

Tante Mali said...

Hi Carolyn,
how wonderful, the intense colours of spring.
All the best from Austria

Jen Ham said...

Amazing indoor garden! You amaze me with your talents! Your photos, your garden...everything! xoxo Jen

Katy Noelle said...

I LOVE your sunny window!!! It just brought a little jolt of joy! But am I silly for saying so? ;) I think growing things - houseplants and bulbs - are the height of luxuriousness when there's snow out the window. Happy sigh! =)