Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dreamy Whites

                                                                        Hello everyone,
                                   I hope your week is going well. I know that some of you have been
                                   by another snow storm and we are getting some snow now as well.
                                   And indoors, it is white today also as I am sharing a white teatime.
                                      The teapot and the cup and saucer both came from Winner's.
                                    I made the little heart last year using a pretty lace doily.

                               This very old lace curtain was one of my very first thrift shop finds.
                                                               Dreamy Whites.
                                    I have 2 of these beautiful ameryllis and I have enjoyed them so much.

                         Lila is our youngest granddaughter and she turned five years old
                                    today. We enjoyed having family for supper and sharing Lila's
                                    birthday cake with her ~ Happy Birthday, Lila!

                                                                                           Thank you for visiting,


Deb said...

Lila is adorable. "Happy Birthday". I love your 'white' posts and have always noticed that lovely tea-pot. Deb

Linda said...

Carolyn, you sure know how to capture your grandchildren's personality in your photos. :-) LOVE.
We are getting yet another snowstorm at midnight. Sigh.
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Happy Birthday to you Lila!
I have never seen such a gorgeous
white ameryllis!

Art and Sand said...

What a gorgeous tea setting.

Doranma said...

White, cream and green - I love it! I would like a cup of tea :)

therese said...

Joyeux anniversaire a LILAS. L’amaryllis et trés beau. Bravo pour le joli Rideau que vous avez trouver , il est superbe .
Doux week end

Shabby soul said...

Happy birthday to sweet Lila! =)
Here no snow, but still flowering China roses... a so strange winter.
Love your whites!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your granddaughter is so cute, Carolyn! Happy Birthday to her. Love your dreamy whites. That teapot is beautiful!

Pamela Gordon said...

Your Amaryllis is gorgeous! Look at all the blooms on it. Lila is adorable. I enjoyed your winter whites for tea.

Betty W said...

Happy Birthday to Your Granddaugher. My youngest one is also 5 years old. Love the tea set and flower.

Susan said...

Sooooo pretty, Carolyn....your granddaughter, the lace curtain, the tea setting, everything! Lovely. Susan

A Garden of Threads said...

Lila is adorable and so photogenic. Love the teapot with the little on the top. Stay warm and enjoy the weekend. Jen

Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazingly exquisite! Would you care if I used any on my facebook timeline or banner? I know they are watermarked. (Plus I would give you credit as well.) I like to share good and beautiful things! Thanks! Beth from Indiana

Carolyn said...

Hi Beth,
Thank you for the compliment! Yes,you have my permission to share on your Facebook and thanks for asking.

Carolyn said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank YOU, Carolyn! I enjoy visiting here every day. I will love spreading your beauty about. Beth from Indiana

20 North Ora said...

Your little granddaughter is precious! Happy Birthday to her! Your white vignettes are just beautiful


Ewa said...

Lila is so lovely...the most :) greetings from Poland, Ewa