Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Garden Relaxation

                                                                     Hello everyone,
                                Today,even though we are still in the midst of winter I was doing a
                                little daydreaming of long summer days spent relaxing in the garden.
                                I think I must have dreamt that we have a couple of full time gardeners
                                if I was thinking I was going to be lazing around in a hammock all day!
                                       Love this little secluded spot surrounded by roses.
                                         Tea on the screened in porch will be lovely after I finish reading
                                         my book!
                                              Breakfast on the veranda to start the day.
                            The old vintage rocker is pretty comfortable for tea also.
Lunch in the garden,anyone?

                                       Lemonade and a cupcake before an afternoon nap?
                                      Martha's Garden is another favorite garden nook.
                                                        Our Chelsea Garden.
                                                         Lots of choices for summer relaxation!

                                                         In case you were wondering, I added the lace
                                                        from an old bed skirt to the umbrella to give it a
                                                       romantic touch.
Phew! What a busy day happy I can sit for a spell 
                   by the pond  and enjoy the beauty of nature or maybe finish
                             that book I have been 'working' on all day.

                             Well, I enjoyed my daydreaming for awhile, but for now I will enjoy my
                             tea and a book by the fireside instead!
                              Now,just in case you think I am a pampered lady......I don't really spend
                              my days moving from hammock to hammock but I can always dream!!!

                                                                         Thank you for visiting,


Phyllis @Around the House said...

Love all the beautiful garden pictures, they are all so wonderfully inviting...we are still having some beautiful days in ca. so I cannot complain..I loved the old green wicker rocker, what a comfy wonerful chair...

Marilyn said...

Dream a little dream for me too!
I love your dreaming!

Julie said...

Your flowers are so lovely, thanks for sharing. I was blessed to have sunshine today and could work in the green house without a jacket on! I, too am dreaming of Spring.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It is the dreaming of flowers and gardens that are getting me through this very cold and snowy Winter, Carolyn. Thank you for sharing your garden pictures to help keep that dream going!

Art and Sand said...

Even with our weather unseasonably warm, I don't have time to sit in the garden and read. But like you, a girl can dream.

Thanks for the beautiful photos.

Erin said...

They are all such lovely spots....martha's garden is my favorite!!!

hansundgrete said...

Oh yeah, longing for summer...
Greetings from Germany, Olga

Majka said...

dobrý den, tohle je taková krása, až se tají dech. Krásný den Majka

Heidi Officier said...

Hoi Carolyn, ik krijg altijd zoveel inspiratie als ik naar je foto's kijk! super mooi! groetjes Heidi

One Shabby Old House said...

What a dream your garden is for me. I need to sit and dream out landscape ideas for around the old house. I wish I could see it through your eyes as your grounds are perfection in my eyes. Such a gift you are blessed with my friend.

Marie-José said...

What a lovely post Carolyn, I adore the corner between the romantic...I can almost smell those lovely roses up here ;)
We'll have to wait for a few's really cold here now, about -3 degrees...
I'm longing for spring...

Lovely greetings, MJ

Shabby soul said...

Thank you darling for this enchanting spring dream! I needed a colorful dream in these gray and cold days!
Carolyn your last words made me laugh a lot =DD

Lynn said...

This is exactly what I needed today! Thanks!

Susan said...

Ahhhhh, lovely shots of spring, Carolyn. We must hang on a little longer, right? Thanks for sharing. Susan

Julie said...

Thank you Carolyn. I needed this. Sounds like you're going to get above freezing in the next couple of days according to CBC this morning. J

Pamela Gordon said...

It was lovely to daydream in your beautiful gardens, Carolyn. Thank you!

Pascale Treichler said...

Hello Carolyn

I have just spent the day dreaming with you in your hamcock and on the other beautiful places at yours.

But we must come back to the real world after this trip and go back to work not only in summer but also tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed your book by the fireplace.

Grüess Pascale

Linda said...

Andrew's getting to be a pretty good photographer, too! Lovely photos of you!
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Daniela said...

Well, we all enjoyed this daydreaming, I may say, especially when outside it's still so snowy and cold, it was so nice to dream with you dear Carolyn, thank you <3
I wish you a lovely weekend. xox

shirlgirl said...

I enjoy your blog so much and it inspires me. I do wish that you would put some hints in as to how you are able to keep up such a large garden and the house as well. Do you have a lot of help or do you do all of that yourself?

shirlgirl said...

Thank you for the great idea of putting that trim on a patio umbrella. You just seem to have the gift of bringing out beauty in everything. Thanks for sharing it with others.

Jann Olson said...

Your gardens are gorgeous! It's been snowing here all day and I am longing for Spring. Mustn't hurry the snow though. It's what makes our gardens gorgeous during the hot summer. Right now we are below average, so bring it on!

Jann Olson said...

Your gardens are gorgeous! It's been snowing here all day and I am longing for Spring. Mustn't hurry the snow though. It's what makes our gardens gorgeous during the hot summer. Right now we are below average, so bring it on!