Tuesday, January 14, 2014

After a Winter Skate

                                                                    Hello everyone,
                              Even though our weather has been very spring like the past few days
                             and we lost a lot of snow(don't worry still lots left) I am looking
                              forward to a skating party, and our pond is looking good for it as
                             soon as the temperatures drop again.
                         So with that in mind I have been enjoying hot cocoa for my afternoon
                         break ~ a favorite after skating treat.
                                            Ginger cookies go nicely with hot cocoa.
                                         Love my new mugs from the thrift store.

                    I am getting my skates polished up so I will be ready for the ice.
                                     A few shots from a winter skating party last year.
                  What about you ~ do you enjoy ice skating in the winter?

                          I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time
                          and Bernideen's Tea Time Blog for Friends Sharing Tea.

                                                                Enjoy your week!


Maple said...

Your Grand daughters are so sweet. I bet everyone will have a great time this weekend. Look forward to seeing the pics. Wish I was curling up with the lovely looking cocoa, yummy.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Hot cocoa sounds comforting after skating outdoors. Seniors have time available at the local YMCA for skating once a week but I haven't been for a couple of years. I'd like to take it up again though, it's good exercise.

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful photos and I like your thrifty new mugs. I'd say your pond should be perfect for skating if it freezes over after all this rain. I do hope you and the grandkids get out for a nice skating party soon.

Bernideen said...

One of the first dates my husband and I had was ice skating on a pond in Iowa. I am terrible at it and only went a few times in my life. I freeze and all I can talk about is getting warm.
These photos are darling!!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I used to enjoy ice skating when I was a teen, Carolyn. I would love to go again with my granddaughter. They were supposed to be building an ice skating rink about 5 minutes away, but the developer ran out of money so the skating rink is a "no go". I was so disappointed. Love your new mugs. They look the perfect size for hot chocolate.

White Lace and Promises said...

Precious baby girls! Love the pink skates too!

Your table is so cozy and beautiful! Love these photos!


Deanna said...

Dear Carolyn, Skating looks like such good fun!
Your thrift mugs are darling.
Love this shade of brown with polka dots.

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hansundgrete said...

Hello Carolyn,
oh it seemes to me that skating is a nice winter activity.
And a cup of hot chocolate after that, Mmmmmmh...
Olga from Germany

http://jackieinsurrey.blogspot.co.uk/ said...

Wow, does the lake freeze over that much that you can ice skate on it. How do you check that it is thick and frozen enough?

Keep safe, Jackie in Surrey,UK

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Carolyn, your outdoor skating photos are really sweet. I like your mugs too. I am picking up similar ones only in a different colour. Yummy hot chocolate! Thank you for coming to tea.


Susan said...

Hi Carolyn...I used to skate in my younger days. I'd be afraid to now.

The photos are so lovely, especially with the adorable, darling grandchildren. Nice job. Susan p.s. The "new' mugs are adorable.

Deborah Montgomery said...

I love those taupe polka-dot mugs and the knitted pillow. The little girls look like they are right out of a fairy land story book!

Daniela said...

Hi Carolyn, I also love hot chocolate and ginger cookies when I come back home after a cold day and .. believe me , your 'Winter Ladies' are gorgeous !!
A lovely continuation of the week to you. xo.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning a skating party in my part of Michigan! And your mugs match the "Tea for One" set I'm using in my office right now.


Dee @ A Lapin Life said...

Sweet! I love to ice-skate too.

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Madelief said...

Hope you will be able to skate soon Carolyn! We have a mild winter so far, but anything can still happen. Love to skate thought, so if we get some ice, we will be skating too.

Happy weekend & lots of fun!

Madelief x

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I love your picture so much. I have a vintage tablecloth similar to what you used on your table. I was going to cut it up, but now I'm putting it on my table. Thanks for the work you put into your photos and blog.

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