Sunday, September 29, 2013

Peaceful Sunday

                   Wishing you a peaceful Sunday!



Friday, September 27, 2013

My 70 Mile Yard Sale Treasures

                                                            Hello everyone,
                            I thought I would share some of my treasures from last weeks 70 mile
                           yard sale on the eastern end on the Island.One of my favorite finds was
                           this old iron bed for the boathouse for $10. It inspired me to do a little
                           makeover in the boathouse.....yep already!
                                      I changed the way the bed goes in the boathouse and seems bigger this way.
                                 The old solid wood green door in the corner was from the same location -$5.
                The white wicker chair was $25-I will give you a better look at it soon but it might be a
                 different color.
                                                 Love the chippy green of the bed.
                             This beautiful handwoven green picnic basket was $30. I love it and
                              think I will store some lace and linens in it.
                                                 This old handmade pillow was $2.
                                           The beautiful old christening gown was $10 and the rack
                                        it is on was $2.
                                 The aluminium boat with 3 seats was definitely my biggest purchase. It has 3                                     seats in it so it is perfect for our grandchildren too.
                                 I got some other smaller things but have not photographed them yet. I think I
                                 did pretty good getting these treasures and it was a fun day-albeit a long one.
                                 My husband thought they should rename it the 12 hour yardsale-I am pretty
                                 sure he was happy I went with a friend this year!
                  Just a few quick shots to give you an idea of the sale. Tables were set up at homes or        businesses all along the road for least 70!

                                    Almost forgot - I bought a new birdhouse too,similar to the one on the left                                       $10.

                                     There are always antiques at several sites.
                                We enjoyed this stop down in Murray Harbour-lots of variety.

Lots of traffic!

                                         Passed by this pretty country church.
                                                        Country scenes.
    We enjoyed our picnic lunch here by the lighthouse in Point Prim.

    I was a lovely day!

  Hard to believe the weekend is here again- I better stay home this weekend and get some work done
  we have some tours from Japan over the next couple of weeks and then time to do the fall clean up
 in the garden. However, we are promised some warm sunny days this weekend so I am looking
forward to enjoying them.

I am joining Show & Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Afternoon Tea in the Conservatory

                                                               Hello everyone,
                                The little conservatory on the back of the boathouse that my husband and son built
                               in the past year is a lovely place to enjoy a little quiet time and a cup of tea.
                                      I have surrounded myself with some garden beauty while enjoying
                               my tea and taking some time to write in my journal.
                                Peeking in through the old french doors with the etched glass.
                                I have a collection of old postcards that my aunt had saved for many years.

                              As the time for tender annuals is almost past here I took some in to enjoy
                             in the conservatory.
                               Love having the plants soaking up the sun in here.
      I am looking forward to more sunny afternoon teas surrounded by some of the garden beauty
                that I enjoy.

                   Guess,I haven't written since the 70 mile yard sale. We had beautiful weather and my friend and                   I covered a lot of territory in our 12 hour day but still didn't get to all the sales. We were both                       happy with our day and the new treasures we found.My biggest purchase was a flat bottomed                        boat for our pond but more on all that later.

                  Thank you for visiting,


Friday, September 20, 2013

Red & White Transferware in the Kitchen

                                                           Hello everyone,
              I hope your week went well.We have had some beautiful sunny days this week so I spent some time taking some photos. Since our garden is well past it's prime I seem to be moving back indoors a bit more. I loved seeing the sun shining into the kitchen and though you might enjoy seeing some red and white touches in the kitchen as well as my red and white transferware.
                        I know I shared some photos of the bay area last week but another view can't hurt.
                      Our home was built about 95 years ago and the hardwood floors are original.The cupboards
                      are not-they were built about 8 years ago
          Peeking inside the cupboards at my collection of red and white transferware that I have been           collecting over the past several years and are a mix of patterns both new and old.


                                                      Vista platters by Mason.

                               Some of the red and white willow china in this cupboard is very old and belonged
                            to my husbands great aunt.I was thrilled to have it given to me by my sister in law.                          
                              Covered bowls are hard to find here so this was a lucky find.

       Hope you enjoyed a peek into my cupboards today.
 Tomorrow, I am off early in the morning for our 70 mile yardsale with over 150 vendors covering a distance
 of ...... well 70 miles! There will be lots of shoppers and the weather looks very promising. I am packing a picnic lunch and taking my camera too. Now if you see any red and white transferware........don't touch it!!!!! Ha! Ha!

Hope you have a fun weekend!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Peach Preserves and Oatmeal Scones

                                                            Hello everyone,
       It is a beautiful September day here so I am just popping in for a few minutes to share the recipe for               Oatmeal Scones that some of you asked for and the peach preserve recipe as well.
                                Last week I made some peach preserves from the Niagara baskets of peaches that I                                     look forward to each year.Our winters seem to be too cold for peaches to grow here                                    although that may be changing as I see peach trees are being sold here now.
                                 The peach preserve recipe was basically the recipe here except I chopped by hand
                            instead of using the food processor and I used less sugar as they will not last long anyway!    
              The oatmeal scone recipe is pretty easy to make and they are delicious.

                   1 1/2 cups of flour- I usually use part spelt and part unbleached white flour
                    1/2 cup of rolled oats
                     1/3 sugar
                      1 Tablespoon baking powder
                      1/2 teaspoon salt
                       1/3 cup of melted butter
                        1 egg
                          1/3 cup of milk

                        whisk dry ingredients together and then whisk liquid ingred. and add to dry.
                        mix gently together - knead a few times then flatten into a circle about 1/2 inch thick.
                        Place on cookie sheet.

                         Sprinkle top with a tablespoon  of sugar or sugar and cinnamon.
                         Bake at 375 for about 15 min.

                          Enjoy !
    Thank you for your visit and I hope you will enjoy the scones and peach preserves.