Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter White

                                                            Hello everyone,
                    We have settled back home after a short holiday in Quebec City. The weather has                          been wintry here with some snow on the ground but bright and sunny.
                       I just have a few quick shots to share with you today.
                              When we were in Old Quebec we checked out some of the nice little shops
                               and in one we found this large red and white Vista platter by Mason so
                               Andrew bought it for me as a souvenir of our trip. Many of you know I
                               have been collecting transferware dishes for years usually one piece at
                               a time so I was delighted with this find.The soup tureen was a thrift shop
                                find for just a few dollars and they look good together on the center of the
                                kitchen table.
                                    Yesterday,I realized that the old door in the fence at the road hadn't been
                                     dressed for winter yet so I spruced it up a little with some old skates and
                               I love the old doorknob on the old door from my daughter's old home.
                        We had a good snowfall last week making it look so pretty. I love the garden
                         in winter laden with a fresh white snow.
                                      Some handmade vintage snowflakes

        Thank you for visiting,



Sylvia said...

I have been utterly enjoying your photos of Christmas in Old Quebec, one of my favorite places in Canada. I love, love, love your vintage present from your trip. I have been collecting transfer ware dishes for years, too and the red pattern is stunning and absolutely Christmassy! Enjoy this magical season, dear Carolyn!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty, Carolyn! Such a beautiful tureen and transferware platter. I love how you paired them together. I finally found a pair of ice skates over the Summer and I have added a little fur to them. I just put them outside and still need to take some pictures. Hopefully, it won't be as icy tomorrow so I can do that!

June said...

Everything looks beautiful in your wintery landscape. We have only gotten a light coating of snow so far, as Idaho has had a drought for a couple of years. We are hoping for normal levels this year and I am trying to stay positive about it. Watering my garden is totally dependent on the snowfall filling our reservoir.
I love the old door in all it's finery.
Your post about Old Quebec is gorgeous Carolyn!
sending hugs...

Bernideen said...

Oh how pretty and don't you love your snow. I love your berries. Very sweet in the ice skates. I think I shall miss our Colorado snow when we retire to Missouri. They have it but not so soon as here.


So pretty and dreamy winter !
xoxo from PARIS

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One Shabby Old House said...

I love every picture and detail of your post. What a pretty platter and how wonderful it looks with your soup tureen. And the snowfall pictures and the old door and skate make me really miss the snow and how beautiful everything glistens in it. You captured all your blessings very well my friend.

Simo said...

E' sempre un incanto questo tuo blog con le sue immagini....mi fanno sognare...

Pamela Gordon said...

Very pretty. You have more snow than we do at the moment but I think Sunday's storm will hit us both. I love the old door in the fence.

Linda said...

Hey, Carolyn!
I missed this post! I'm sure it's no surprise to you that we have the same Mason Pink Vista platter! Lol I will use my white tureen on it in your honour. I think it looks very pretty. And, i really like that you used the doorknob from your daughter's former home on you fence door!
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Andy said...

The arrangement is good, especially the wax pine cones no good, will definitely try this great idea