Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome June

                                                                       Hello everyone,
                                       I hope you are enjoying this first weekend in June. June is my favorite month of the year as everything is fresh ,lush and green and yet there is all of the joy of summer yet to come.                    
  1.                                                       The lilac bushes are just coming into full bloom now-another reason  to love June.

                                          It just started to rain here but I quickly took a few shots of our lilacs this evening.                    

                                           Our tulips are almost all gone now-just a few late bloomers and still a little early for peonies etc. but lots of lush green.
  I spent some time at the garden centres this morning,picking out some annuals  for window boxes and planters etc. and then this afternoon we worked in the garden ~ Oh happy day!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



Deb said...

Your lilacs are beautiful and that vase...oh my!

mariondee-designs said...

I have a white lilac but I may have to invest in a purple one! take care, Maryann

Pamela Gordon said...

Gorgeous photos of the lilacs Carolyn. They are just coming into bloom here too. It sure has been humid the past two days and one more to go tomorrow. I'm enjoying the sunshine when it's not cloudy with thunder showers.

Heaven's Walk said...

It all looks like something out of a fairytale, Carolyn! Soooo beautiful! My husband wants to top off our big lilac, but I thought I read somewhere that you should never do that. How do you keep yours trimmed up?

xoxo laurie

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful garden... I can linger there.
Hugs, Gee

Janneke said...

Lovely garden pictures.

Hélène Flont , french illustrator said...

That's bring an incomparable scent and joy both in the house and in the garden, I share your delight!!!Bon Dimanche dear Carolyn ‿ ◕✿

Nataly said...

Thanks, very very nice I have a white lilac to ...

Anonymous said...

what a magic garden, carolyn! here it does not stop raining and the flowers missing the sun.
I'm sending many greetings,

xoxo dana :o)

Rose Garden Malevik said...

Hello Carolyn ( my favourite)
Your photos with lilacs are lovley :)
and do not miss....


it is FUN :)
Håkan ( The Roseman)

theromanticrose said...

Giugno sarà bellissimo nel tuo giardino!Buona domenica!Rosetta

Diana (Apple Pie) said...

Welcome June!
...i love your lilac, Carolyn!


Angela said...

Our lilacs are already gone but I love them so much!! You captured well the soul of Spring.

linda said...

I just love lilacs. I haven't seen ay here in AZ! We had too big ones like yours growing up right next to the clothes line. The aroma was gorgeous.
II could sit for hours in your garden and be quite content, no matter the season

Marikki said...

Carolyn, beautiful photos from your garden! This is just a magic time, isn`t it?:)
Here, in Finland, has been already many warmy days, it`s wonderful!!

Many warmy hugs, Marikki

Anne said...

Wow Carolyn your lilacs are gorgeous! Mine are still petite I am hoping in a few years they will grow more!I bet is smells heavenly in your garden <3

Anonymous said...

Here, lilacs are almost gone. Yours are gorgeous.
Lilacs have always had a special meaning for me. I transplanted in my garden, a lilac coming from my childhood garden. It reminds so many happy memories.
Happy June to you and your garden.

Gartenbuddelei said...

Dear Carolyn, your garden looks very pretty, I love it. Lovely greeting from germany. Anja

Alessandra said...

Your garden is a paradise! Just gorgeous!