Monday, June 3, 2013

Spring Colour in the Garden

                                                            Hello everyone,
          Hope you enjoyed your weekend. It was a nice one here . I spent some time today taking lots of photos but before I show those to you I wanted to wrap up the last of the early spring colour.
Last fall I planted lots of new tulips as they went on the end of season clearance so now I have been enjoying the fruits of my labor!
 I love the different shades of pink and although most of the tulips are past here now there are still some of the late blooming varieties in bloom. After they are done blooming we snap of their heads to save their energy for the bulbs,hoping they will rebloom.It seems some varieties do better then others at reblooming-often the fancier ones are only good for a year or two before fading away.
                In the early spring it is nice to have a good splash of colour.

                                 Some of the different tulips in our garden
                                  I love seeing the yellow finches fluttering about the garden and I love to hear them sing as I work outdoors.
                            I often find it hard to get good bird shots as they seem to fly off while I am still trying to focus but these little finches were more cooperative for me.
                I just noticed these pretty tulips in the garden yesterday as they are just coming into bloom. I love the splash of green in with the deep yellow.

Well, with the lilacs coming into full bloom I have been picking arm loads of them to enjoy as the season scoots by so quickly and I need to capture the moment before it is gone. I see the peonies are loaded with buds too - so lots to look forward too

                                                       Take care,


erin said...

oh beautiful, as usual...thanks for sharing, dearest.

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm always glad that I took the time in the fall, fingers freezing of course, to plant more tulips and daffodils to make me smile in the spring! You have such a nice variety and all so pretty. The little finch looks like a happy guy, too!


Pamela Gordon said...

Absolutely gorgeous tulips! So many varieties and colours. The finches are so sweet aren't they. Thanks for sharing the beauty of spring in your gardens.

The Zeigler Homestead said...

You have quite a variety. All are so pretty. Love the yellow finches-great pictures of them. -Susie

Bernideen said...

I love the introduction of the birds - that is original!

Your book came today - GLORIOUS!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful, Carolyn! All that planting in Fall definitely pays off in the Spring. I love the ruffley looking tulips in your first collage. I will have to remember to look for tulips and other bulbs on clearance.

Anne Yusnizah said...

Very it...

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...


: - D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A riot of colors so prettily featured in your collages. A cheerful post to start the week.
Your collages are never boring for you did not show the same pics. Each one is attractive.

Kelli said...

What beautiful colour in your photos. So fresh and cheerful looking.

Lavender Cottage said...

After taking stock of my dwindling tulips, your display has inspired me to buy some new ones for the fall.
I let the alliums self seed so heavily, they've almost choked the tulips out of the front bed.

linda said...

Beautiful flowers! Love the picture of the tulip that is almost like a peony. I didn't realize tulips came in so may varieties. Thank you for sharing the joy.

Zwergenwelt said...

Realy wonderful, dear Carolyn, so much tulips and so beautiful colours!!Have a wonderful time, cornelia

Susan said...

A rainbow of flowers, Carolyn! How lovely.

There are buds filling our peonies, too. Can't wait. Won't be long. Susan

Angela said...

I adore flowers and I do taken a ridiculous amount of flower photos. I am delighted with your photos and your flowers! What program do you use to edit your flower photo. At the moment I am only using Picasa 3.
Thanks for sharing all the beauty.