Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Boathouse Conservatory

Hello everyone,
We have been busy with tours for the past few days so I have been a bit absent again.I took these shots one day last week but didn't get a chance to post them.
I took some time to do some tweaking in our little boathouse as it is part of our tour with our visitors from Japan-we had almost 200 in the past few weeks.

So, i thought I would give the tiny conservatory  some fresh flowers to give it a nice garden look.
There are lots of lupins growing wild around the Island now so it is not hard to get a beautiful bouquet of them.
A trailing verbena in a planter.
Although most of the French lilacs are fading now I still have a few for bouquets and the Preston lilacs from Canada are starting to put on a good show and also have a lovely fragrance but different from the French ones.

A birdhouse or two adds some charm to the conservatory.
Well,just a quick peek inside today but I am sure I will have lots more to come over the summer.
Now, I better finish up planting my planters and window boxes etc.-yes, I know I am slow this year getting it done

Thank you for visiting me,


Bente said...

So very beautiful

Blondie's Journal said...

I love the lupines, I've never seen them in an arrangement and it's just beautiful!

I was very behind in getting pots and window boxes planted this year as well. During May we had so much rain and cold weather here in the Midwest. But it's finally done and I can enjoy!

Love seeing your conservatory...just lovely!


Madelief said...

Your photo's look beautiful as always Carolyn. It mus be a joy for your Japanese visitors to walk through your garden and enjoy its beauty. Your new boathouse looks very pretty. Love your pink lupins. I only have blue ones in the garden this year.

Happy week, good luck with your garden tours.

Madelief x

podso said...

A boat house conservatory -- it sounds and looks delightful!

Victorian1885 said...

It looks lovely Carolyn! My favourite is the lupins in the vintage jug... make sure you take time to stop and smell the flowers! Take care.


Anonymous said...

As always, your photos are very inspiring Carolyn.
The birdhouse looks charming and so are the lupins bouquet.
You must have a lot to do but I am sure your visitors are enchanted.

Lucky Japanese !


Bernideen said...

Florals are wonderful and the doves are so pretty!

Clara said...

You flowers and post is so pretty Carolyn. What a charming Conservatory...

Denise said...

I'm so curious,exactly what is a "boat" house for and how do you use it.I don't think I was imagining the right type.Thank you for your patience with the likes of Me ;) Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Just beautiful, Carolyn! I love that shot of the whole table vignette. That is a lot of people to have going through your gardens. I am sure they are enjoying seeing up close and in person all the beautiful areas you share with us in your photos.

Janneke said...

Your boathouse and the lupins look gorgeous. Already 400 visitors in the garden the last few days, anyway it's nice to show them around, it must be beautiful.

Kathie said...

oh my goodness - 400 visitors!! You've been busy!

Hope you're able to enjoy the sunshine - it's been such a nice change from all that rain!

Szara Sowa said...

Your boathouse is beautiful, i like it.

Alessandra said...

Wonderful and very beautiful!

It's me said...

Enjoy summer darling...lovely week Ria...x !!

Lavender Cottage said...

The conservatory is just lovely Carolyn. I'm sure your visitors from Japan love seeing your gardens and buildings.

Zwergenwelt said...

So lovely, carolyn, I love your pictures. Have a wonderful Time, Cornelia

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Carolyn,
My goodness, you have been busy with over 400 guests! I imagine you are still serving a spot of tea for them as well. Your boathouse is adorable and I love the lupins too. I will have to ask my hubby to gather me some while they're putting on such a lovely show.

I put in a little word about your beautiful book today at my tea party. I hope you don't mind. Enjoy your week and your tours.


erin said...

everything looks just beautiful! i can not imagine having that many guests! i am sure you are a wonderful host and i am envious that you have lupines growing by you...unfortunately, they won't grow here.
have a good week, dear.

Unn said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely colours and flowers! I really love your blog.


Angela said...

Beautiful as always. Very gentle and sweet images. Thank you for this post.

dizzyizzy said...

Everything is so lovely. I would love to tour your gardens.

Linda said...

Carolyn, do people ever stay in your little cottage? It is just so adorable!!!

My what a charmed life you live in your beautiful gardens! Does it get tiring having the tourists visiting all of the time? Or do you enjoy it?

I sure appreciate you and how you let us all share in the beauty through all of your posts!

Thank you!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Raffaella said...

Wonderful!... I have finally received your book... and I find it... incredible! Your photoes are great!... and your garden is a paradise!... Well, I had no doubt!... ^___^ Could I make a post about your book?... Hugs

Debby said...

Hi,Carolyn! It's debby from italy!! It's always a pleasure to read your posts and see your wonderful pictures!! I've been grown up reading and loving Anne of Green Gables,so you can understand how lovely it's for me to have found the real Prince Edward Island !! You live in a 'Fairy tale' place!! Hugs,Debby ^_^

Cindy said...

Absolutely Amazing! Carolyn, are your lupins. Your conservatory is so lovely with all the flowers in bloom, it must be a wonderful spot to read. I'm just home not long and read on Sandi's blog of your book, I'll have to get a copy and sit with a cup. Enjoy your day

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Stunningly beautiful!