Thursday, June 27, 2013

Garden Beauty and Lucy

                                                             Hello everyone,
                              I hope your week went well. It certainly went by quickly here.I would like to slow down the season now so can enjoy all the lush beauty awhile longer but alas time will not stand still! Above is the door to the boathouse and I am still tweaking the inside.
                     One sunny day last week I was happy to have met Lucy as she came for a visit all prettied up in her vintage kerchief. Lucy is so sweet-don't you think she looks adorable?
                                         She made a nice addition to the porch!
                                                        Breaded Iris
                                               Siberian Iris
                                      A longer view of the south beds.
                                                     Early morning by the 'Gardener's Cottage'.
                                                Spirea by picketfence

Josephine clematis

                                                  Oriental poppy.

                                           Early morning from the veranda

                                               Martha's Garden

   Hope you enjoyed meeting Lucy and having a little peek at some of the garden beauty.

             I am joining My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday.

            Have a wonderful weekend!


Kathie said...

Gorgeous Carolyn!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Your gardenscapes are just stunning, Carolyn!

Your constant hard work surely has paid off - and shows.

Well done, it's exquisite!

Pamela Gordon said...

Lucy is just the cutest addition to the boathouse. Her scarf matches the bouquet. Your garden views are so beautiful. I like the one through the screen doors. I hope you have a lovely long weekend. It looks rather wet for the Maritimes I'm afraid. Pamela

Karla @Art Whisper said...

Nice to meet you Carolyn! You have the most beautiful place and your garden is heaven. A place that truly would inspire...

Good Day with Warm regards,

Nita Stacy said...

Gorgeous garden! But that Lucy...oh....she is so pretty...she needs to hang out with my pretty Violet.

Rita's Recipes said...

beautiful garden and sweet Lucy. Love her vintage hankie. I put one on my Lucy on occasion too.

Maple said...

Oh Lucy is so sweet and fits right in at the boathouse.

Sandy said...

That is a beauty of a garden and such a sweet Lucy!!!

Lee Caroline - A World of Inspiration said...

Oh, I love the blue door to the boat house, I also love the blue Irises
they are gorgeous.

Lee :)

Ines said...

I love your garden and Lucy is a gem!
X Ines

Unknown said...

Hello Carolyn,
sweet Lucy, like a model :)
Have a nice day
from Germany

Begonvilli Ev said...

Hello Carolyn,
Amazing garden. Lucy is so pretty and so cute:)

Rainbow Gatherer said...

very magical place :) I wish I had an afternoon tea there :) I'll be happy if you visit my blog too=)

Beth said...

Your gardens are so lush and beautiful, Carolyn. Your boathouse and gardener's cottage are tucked in perfectly. What a designer you are! And a hard worker too...I have large gardens and I know quite well how many hours it takes to maintain them. I spend a lot of hours ENJOYING them too...I call it my little piece of heaven, my personal paradise.

Janneke said...

Every time again it is so nice to see your heavenly garden, and yes I like Lucy for I am a doglover. Especially on the second photo she looks so wise.

Susan said...

Awwwwwww, Carolyn. Lucy is just the pizazz. Love that hanky around her neck.

I always love tours around your magnificent gardens. Soooooo peaceful. Susan

Madelief said...

How pretty your garden looks like Carolyn! Love the photo's of all your colourful plants and Lucy in between :-)

Wishing you a happy weekend!

Madelief x

Terhi said...

Hi Carolyn,
your blog makes me dream:)
Thanks for sharing all these pictures from your beautiful garden and house.
Greetings, Terhi

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Just sumptuous! That garden view from the veranda is breathtaking!

podso said...

I could never tire of your photos. Have a good weekend.

Victorian1885 said...

Lucy is adorable! Have fun celebrating July 1st!

Alessandra said...

Oh, Lucy is very sweet! It's always a great pleasure to see your romantic garden.

Art and Sand said...

Sweet dog . . . lovely flowers . . . beautiful photos . . . thanks for sharing.